1000 Calorie Diet Plan: A Perfect Solution for Stubborn Body Fat

Sapna Kanojia

Sapna Kanojia
Jan 2023

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1000 calorie diet plan

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Finding a perfect weight solution is a daunting task. According to recent studies, about 1.9 billion adults are overweight and this number is increasing with each passing day. However, successful and healthy weight loss can only be achieved by a calorie-controlled diet. Calorie-deficit diet is one of the most effective weight loss strategies than other. It helps you achieve your desired weight but how to know how much calorie is sufficient and how to reduce your calorie intake? If you’re also battling with these questions, then you’re not alone. Then, this blog will help solve all your problems. Here we are going to list some low-calorie food items and help you improve your health.

With proper use, this approach allows you to guarantee the desired result since it takes into account the individual daily calorie intake, determined taking into account age, gender, activity level, habitual diet, and body parameters of a particular person. 

Therefore, for weight loss, it is recommended to consume 70-80% of the established calorie requirement, which allows you to create a deficit and forces the body to use stored fat to replenish energy. Hence, based on this principle, a universal weight loss method was created – the 1000 calorie Indian diet plan. 

Let’s know more about this calorie-deficit diet plan!

What Is A 1000-Calorie Diet Plan? 

On average, our body needs 2000-2400 calories per day for men and 1800- 2000 calories per day for women for a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, most nutritionists and dietitians recommend total intake should not be less than 1200 kcal calories diet plan to lose weight. Thus, a 1000 calorie diet is quite low than normal calories, it is very effective for weight loss but quite stressful for the body. The adaption of this diet habit is quite simple but requires some time and effort. You need to keep an eye on calorie content, and weighed your total calorie intake with a special table either control it by using an online calculator or take help from your dietitian. 

This weight loss is quite different from other low calorie diet plans. Hence, it contains a varied and balanced diet to maintain a better health condition. It is based on 5 meal regime, which is recognized by all nutritionists as the most suitable for ensuring the proper functioning of the digestive system and good metabolism. If you’re taking 1000 calorie diet plan for weight loss for the first time, it is recommended that you stick to it for no longer than 7 days. This time duration is enough for you to understand the results of this diet plan are working on your body or not. Also, to lose 5-7kg, the maximum allowable duration of one course is 4 weeks. But keep in mind that the result for a month can vary significantly depending on a person’s health and initial weight.

What Not To Eat In A 1000 Calorie Diet Plan?

For more effective recovery and weight loss you should exclude the below-mentioned food items from the menu:

  • Starchy vegetables and fruits
  • Sweet, floury, fried
  • Fast food
  • Sweet carbonated and alcoholic drinks

To accelerate your weight loss journey and see the more effective result of a calorie deficit diet, limit the consumption of salt and increase the liquids such as water, shakes, and low-calorie fruit juices in your diet. This is a universal rule that should be followed when following most weight loss diets, since reducing salt and drinking heavily prevents puffiness and also helps to remove all excess from the body.

Foods To Include In A 1000 Calorie Diet Plan

We basically include food items that contain low calories. Therefore, here we the list of food that should include in your diet:

  • Lean meats and fish
  • Seafood
  • Dairy and lactic acid products with 0-1% fat
  • Dried fruits, and nuts
  • Vegetables, fruits, herbs
  • Cereals, soups

However, warm drinks, baked food items help reduce the energy value of meals and make you healthier and help to reduce weight. Therefore, To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to complete the 1000 calorie weight loss diet gradually.

1000 Calorie Diet Plan Menu For Weight Loss

This traditional menu consists of three full meals, as well as, two or three additional light snacks. Therefore, we have several diet menu options that can combine at your discretion. 

The 1000 calorie food/ week diet menu requires all the same principles to be followed – enough water and a balanced diet, but with reduced calorie content. Therefore, we have given 7-day diet plan that will allow you to have low-calorie intake.


Breakfastgranola with vegetable milk and berries, a glass of rosehip broth
SnackA handful of pre-soaked cashew nuts  
Lunchboiled chicken with fresh vegetables  
Snackbread with a piece of melted butter
Dinnerlean meat with vegetables and 1 fruit of your choice


Breakfastoranges or grapefruits  
Snackseasonal fruit of your choice
Lunchboiled meat, low calorie vegetable salad, stewed potatoes with Provence herbs
Snacknatural goat’s milk cottage cheese
Dinnerbuckwheat porridge with baked fish  


Breakfasthard-boiled chicken egg, whole grain bread with a piece of melted butter
Snackapple, pear, or orange
Lunchgreen borsch with a spoonful of sour cream, whole grain bread, salad with vegetables, and boiled red beans  
Snackfruit salad with 1 fruit and a handful of seasonal berries
Dinnerturkey fillet, baked in the oven, 0.5 cups of boiled brown rice with a piece of ghee  


Breakfastnatural goat yogurt, green tea
Snacka handful of almonds
Lunchred borsch with beans, sour cream, vegetable salad with boiled chickpeas  
Snackorange or grapefruit  
Dinnerbuckwheat porridge, boiled fillet, salad portion


Breakfastrice flour pancakes with fruits and green tea, or beetroot oats chilla
Snacknatural goat curd with berries
Lunchbuckwheat porridge with vegetables, baked chicken  
Snackhalf an avocado, bread  
Dinnera glass of low-fat kefir on bacterial sourdough, and vegetable salad


Breakfastwhole grain bread with ghee, and chamomile tea
Snackseasonal fruit of your choice
Lunchcabbage soup, whole grain bread with a piece of cheese  
Snackfat-free cottage cheese  
Dinnerwhole grain pasta, steamed vegetables, or sauteed vegetables


Breakfastoatmeal with vegetable milk, nuts, and berries
Snacka handful of walnuts, previously dried in the oven
Lunchvegetable broth with cauliflower, green peas, whole grain bread with cheese
Snack1-2 small sour apples, oatmeal smoothie  
Dinnerbulgur stewed with vegetables, and baked fish  

To lose weight rapidly, it is remembered that the allowable daily number of calories should not exceed 1000. Otherwise, this will affect the final result.

Low-Calorie Sprout Chilla Recipe For Weight Loss

Still another weight loss recipe that will make you fall in love with sprouts!!

In this video, we have given the complete step-by-step sprout chilla recipe. It is a low-calorie recipe that you have any time if you’re searching for any delicious and healthy recipe. Also, you can get in touch with our dietitian for more such recipes!

What Are The Benefits Of A 1000 Calorie Diet?

If you want to get rid of those extra pounds then 1000 calorie diet plan may help you to do that. Therefore, a low-calorie diet plan is a complete diet that helps you from obesity and improves metabolism which leads to burning fat much more rapidly. 

  • Low-calorie diets can lead to better health only if it’s consumed correctly. Also, it is very crucial to note the changes in your body happening with the low-calorie diet plan to see the results. Because sometimes it shows that short-term calorie restriction can lower levels of several inflammatory markers.
  • In addition, high levels of inflammation over time contribute to the development of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Eat a serving of 1000 calories diet plan vegetarian filled with high fiber, protein, and also other minerals which is a balanced composition. Furthermore, it provides the body with complete nutrition and also helps to maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time.  
  • Hence, a reduced-calorie diet can slow down aging and prolong life. Low-calorie diet improves your skin health and also helps reduce fat from your face. 
  • Hence, it may also improve heart health by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides, all risk factors for heart disease.
  • Above all, it gives strong and healthy bones, muscles, and blood cells.
  • Moreover, low-calorie diets are highly nutritious and contain several essential nutrients, vitamins, calcium, and other minerals.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A 1000 Calorie Diet?

  • The low-calorie diet plan is not for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to intake calories for people those who are very active or people with high nutritional requirements.   
  • Therefore, taking a low-calorie diet plan for a long time can cause weakness. In addition, it can lower your immune system and also sometimes can cause infertility in women.  
  • A low-calorie diet plan is not for pregnant women, growing young once, and those who are suffering from any health condition. 
  • Hence, before starting this diet or any other diet, be sure to consult a nutritionist. Also, this will help you plan meals and meet your nutritional needs.

Bottom Line

However, consistency and dedication are the mantras to losing weight. Whereas, 1000 calories diet plan will give you a kick start to your journey. Hence, low-calorie diet plan along with physical activities like yoga, jogging, and aerobic exercises will give you a healthy lifestyle. However, the 1000-calorie diet plan only won’t work like magic, it is a healthy strategy to lose weight that allows you to cut out bad foods without sacrificing flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Foods Fill You Up But Are Low In Calories?

Ans: Greek yogurt is a great source of protein that helps curb cravings and also promotes weight loss.

  • Soup
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Popcorn
  • Chia seeds
  • Fish

Q: Do You Burn More Calories When You Are In Good Shape?

Ans: The more muscle you have, the greater your resting energy expenditure, also it means your body burns more calories by “doing nothing”. Also, if your goal is to lose weight, it’s important to incorporate strength training into your daily routine.

Q: Why Am I Not Losing Weight With 1000 Calorie Diet?

Ans: If you’re eating 1000 calories and not losing weight and you’re not seeing any change either then you’re not in a calorie deficit. This could be because either you’re not tracking calories accurately enough, you’re not active enough, or your metabolism has slowed dramatically.

Q: What Can You Eat Per Day For 1000 Calories? 

Ans: You can include 200-300 calories in one meal to reduce your calorie intake. Thus, you can eat soups, low calorie drinks, vegetable salad, fruits, also a handful of walnuts as well as whole grain bread with a piece of cheese, etc. to limit your calorie intake. 

Q: Is 500 Calories A Lot For One Meal?

Ans: To lose weight, you should eat 200 to 400 calories for breakfast, 500 to 700 calories for lunch, and 500 to 700 calories for dinner every day.

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Fun Fact

However, losing weight is not an easy task. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, then constant dedication and belief are very important. Here at Fitelo, we have many success stories of our clients who all manage to fight against the odds by following the best vegetarian diet to lose weight. So, let’s read the success stories of these motivational people and get inspired by their weight loss journey.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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