25 kg Gone with Thyroid in 6 Months


Written by Sahil

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Lovepreet from London reached out to us about six months back with some problems. She was overweight and was suffering from thyroid problems. She was struggling to lose weight due to the thyroid.

With half her family settled in the UK, she has to travel often which makes her lifestyle very busy which leaves little time to follow a strict diet regimen and for exercise.

We worked with Lovepreet, understood everything about her routine, lifestyle, habits and her medical condition. We created a customized diet plan for her which met her needs and still aimed at her weight loss goals (including inch loss which she was very particular about)!! Generally, people with thyroid lose weight slowly.

But it was her dedication and focus that Lovepreet lost 25 Kgs in 6 months from the comfort of her home, using our natural diet plan, without visiting the gym or a dietitian even once. We have just started. There are many more kgs and inches to lose!

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