Which Is The Most Effective 7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

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Sanya Singh
Jun 2023

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7 day meal plan for muscle gain and fat loss

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Are you trying to lose weight and gain chiseled abs and muscles at the same time? Well, then we have for you a 7 day meal plan for muscle gain and fat loss.

However, surely you must have been watching what you eat, going to the gym, and lifting weights, but still not able to see the results that you have been expecting. This may be made you think, that gaining muscles and losing fat might not be possible.

But, essentially yes you can do both at the same time. All you need is to follow a very disciplined life, which can be difficult for some or not very comfortable at the start. But the results will make you get habitual and surely you will reach your fitness goals.

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What Is Fat Loss?

Where decreasing in your overall body weight is weight loss, losing weight that occurs specifically from losses in fat mass is fat loss.

However, a body fat scale or skinfold caliper is more useful for monitoring fat loss than tracking your body weight alone.

What Is Muscle Gain?

The increase in the size of muscles by continually challenging the muscles to deal with higher levels of resistance or weight is known as muscle hypertrophy. 

Muscle hypertrophy, however, occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury.

Fat loss vs. muscle gain

So, keep in mind that losing weight differs from how you gain muscle and these goals often conflict with one another.

If you want to lose fat your body needs to do a lesser intake of calories which means following a calorie deficit diet plan.  

But in order to gain muscle your body needs to be at a caloric surplus as it provides the energy your body requires to repair itself and then build muscle mass.

Tips For Shedding Pounds While Building Muscle

Below are the tips that you can follow sitting anywhere in the world to lose weight quickly.

1. Remember: You Are What You Eat

In order to lose fat, and gain muscle you have to take care of what you are eating. Exercising alone isn’t going to help you lose weight but then also gain muscle mass. So, it really comes down to what you are eating. 

So, make sure you add foods to your diet which are low in calories but have a high and rich nutritional value. Hence, it is important to take a proper diet for muscle gain.

However, if you don’t take in enough calories, then your metabolic rate might get disturbed. This is because your body might think it’s starving and to help you survive, your metabolism shuts down. Therefore, not eating enough calories makes your body cannibalize muscle and hold onto fat.

So, the best way is to consult the expert dietitians who will calculate your metabolic rate and make a meal plan that allows you to eat the foods you love while still getting the fuel your body needs to gain muscle and properly lose weight.

2. Prioritize Foods Rich In Protein

Adding foods having a rich nutritional value means that they should contain a good amount of protein in it but calories should be less.

However, eating a caloric intake deficit while eating enough high protein will help your body burn more calories than you consume. Moreover, it will provide your body with enough nutrients and energy to rebuild its muscles.

3. Do Strength Training A Few Days A Week

To gain muscles you will need to lift heavy weights to a point where muscles actually reach a point of fatigue and failure. This is because at that time your muscles will tear and break down making you also, stronger.

Along with this, it is important that while strength training, you are consuming enough calories to help rebuild muscles and fuel the body. But before you start with the training, make sure you consult a certified trainer as every exercise or training type differs with the body type.

4. Remember The Tortoise, Not The Hare

During the process of gaining muscle and losing fat, all you need to keep is patience. Patience is certainly a virtue, but it has many benefits, particularly when it comes to our long-term health. 

No one reaches their fitness goals overnight, everyone has to work for it to get the results. However, losing hope within some time and noticing zero results will take you nowhere. So, make sure you are motivated, determined, and keen to work on your body. 

7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat LossFree Samples

Apart from the tips, what you need is to do a diet and follow a proper powerlifting diet plan or 7 Day Diet Plan For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain  So, we have provided you with a meal plan for a week that will help you intake the right amount of protein.

Also, to continue with the diet plan once it is over, you can get in contact with us and tell us your preferences for food so that we can make a customized diet plan for you. This is the best diet plan for fat loss and muscle gain recommended by expert dietitians. 

Also, during this process, it is important to know your BMI so that you know what is right for your body type. So, you can click here for the free checking of BMI.

Day 1 Of 7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

Early Morning1 glass lemon water with 10 soaked almonds
Breakfast1 bowl oat meal, 3 scarmbled eggs, 1 glass milk
Mid Meal1 apple, 1 bowl sprouts chaat
Lunchpaneer burji, 2/3 wheat rotis, curd, salad
Evening1 peanut butter sandwich
Post Workout1 scoop whey protein
Dinner1 plate salad, 200 g grilled chicken breast, 1 bowl rice
Bed Time1 glass milk

Day 2

Early Morning1 glass lemon water with 10 soaked almonds
Breakfast1 bowl clack channa salad, paneer sandwich, 1 glass milk
Mid Meal1 glass beet root juice, sprout salad
Lunchscrambled tofu veg, 2/3 wheat roti, curd, salad
Eveningrice cake with peanut butter
Post Workout1 scoop whey protein
Dinner1 plate salad, chicken curry with 2 roti
Bed Time1 glass milk

Benefits Of Losing Fat

Apart from your body looking perfect, below are other benefits also, when you lose fat. Hence, you can also, follow a fat loss diet plan for better results.

  • The irregularity of your menstrual cycle improves
  • The regulation of blood sugar gets better
  • There is a reduction in high blood pressure 
  • There is also, a reduction in Triglyceride 
  • The HDL in your body increases
  • Knee function in cases of osteoarthritis tends to improve
  • The risk of depression lowers 
  • There is an improvement in urinary incontinence

Benefits Of Gaining Muscles

Apart from your muscles looking all pumped up, check out the other health benefits also.

  • Your strength tends to increase
  • The ability to do daily tasks increases
  • Metabolic rate increases
  • The risk of injury decreases
  • Blood sugar metabolism improves
  • Sexual function also improves

A Fit Recap On 7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

So, losing fat with muscle gain can be challenging and also, time taking. But there is nothing impossible or you can not work on it.

Yes, you, however, need to follow a very healthy lifestyle and a disciplined life for this and put control on your cravings. But if you take a diet plan from Fitelo, you will surely get cheat meals along to let your diet not go very boring.

Fun Fact

Eggs are rich in protein and people who are training for gaining muscle definitely add them to their diet.

But on the other side, people tend to discard the yolk and just eat its white. Well, probably these are the ones who live in the world of myths. 

Click here to know what else you are discarding along with the yolk.

Nothing Is Impossible, Nor It is Never Too Late To Start: Watch the below transformation, and get motivated now to start your fitness journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any 7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss Vegetarian?

Yes, you can ask your dietitian to make a customized diet plan for you, which will contain only vegetarian foods and also, help you reach the goal of losing fat and gaining muscle.

Is There Any Specific 7 Day Meal Plan For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss Females?

Yes. The diet plans and the strength training vary from body to body and even the gender. So, for this consult your dietitian and the trainer.

How Many Days Does It Take To Lose Fat And Gain Muscles?

The process of losing weight or fat along with muscle gain is a time taking process. It will not just happen overnight or in a few days but might take months. So, you need to have patience for this.

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Contact Us Today

We understand it is a bit tricky which diet plan will work for you and which will not, it can be complicated and confusing, hence you need to consult a professional. So, contact us today if you are looking for a customized diet plan or any diet plans, and we will help you fulfill your new year’s resolution.


This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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