A mother’s success story through our online nutritionist consultation

online nutritionist consultation

11 kgs gone in 80 days 😊

online nutritionist consultation

Davinder’s journey

This 34 yr old woman from the UK, reached out to us seeking an online nutritionist consultation with a concern about increased weight and wanted to work on just 5 kgs with healthy home-based food. Thus, read this inspiring story if you are looking for some motivation to start your fitness journey!

Diet customization

She has no medical concerns. However, our online nutritionists worked closely with her considering her likes, dislikes, and easy on the go options for her because we understand all the fancy options are a big task for a mother. We also guided her for every cheat meal she took. She has been obedient all this while and gave her 100%

The USP in her story

Your attitude plays an essential role in your weight loss journey. Since her weight was near to BMI. Adding to that, the last 11 kgs were the toughest to work upon. Davinder’s patience and positive attitude throughout the journey was the icing on the cake. Thus, the happier you are, the better will your results.

Magical story

She wanted to lose 5 kgs only but now lost 11 kgs. Moreover, she is delighted. And, we are proud of you Davinder mam. Stay optimistic like this. Way to go 🙂

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