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Preeti Choudhary from Jammu is a Pharmacist. She had a very busy lifestyle. She was diagnosed with a rare disease that attacks the immune system and might impact tissues of the body. Being on medication for the last 3 years, most of which were steroids, she gained a lot of weight.

Recently, she was also diagnosed with thyroid. She also had a family history of diabetes. She decided to take charge of her health and she reached out to us.

We worked with Preeti and created a customized diet plan for her keeping her medical conditions and hectic lifestyle in mind. Being a pure vegetarian, we customized her diet plan accordingly.

It was her dedication, Preeti lost 7 kgs and many inches in 22 days without visiting the gym or taking any weight loss supplements or medicines.

We continue to work with Preeti till all her extra weight is shed and till she gets into a healthy lifestyle. Let’s keep going Preeti.


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Yes, everyone’s body is different, so it’s not necessary that if a weight loss diet plan worked on one, so same will work for another too. In the weight loss journey, rather it’s Bharti Singh weight loss journey, Smriti Irani weight loss transformation, Sara Ali khan’s, or Adnan’s, what is common in every journey is, consistency, determination, proper diet, and a dietitian. So, many factors play important role in the weight loss journey. Therefore, Fitelo focus on your optimal health, not just on numbers on the weighing scale.

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We have helped thousands of clients to get back in shape, whatever their medical concerns are.

  • Our dietitians always go through your medical reports and plan your diet as per your levels.
  • Your problems will be given priority to get fixed. And in this way, we focus on a holistic approach.
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