Who are we?

Our Journey

From Dietitian Mac to Fitelo


Mehakdeep (Dietitan Mac) starts his journey as a dietitian from his home in Chandigarh.


Dietitan Mac’s social media page starts growing.


Sahil joins as a co-founder. Fitelo App is launched. Fitelo as a brand is born with its new office space in Mohali, Punjab.


Fitelo’s social media handle crosses 100,000 followers. Client base increases to 10,000+ in 15+ countries.


Our Vision and Mission

Vision – To make health and wellness a part of everybody’s day to day routine.

Mission – Our mission is to make everyone in the world fitter and healthier from the comfort of their home or office.

Our Values

Be Passionate and Have Fun

Take Initiative and Work Hard

Be Committed to Customers

Be Nimble and Flexible

Communicate Openly and Honestly


Why Chose Us

Multidisciplinary Team

We are not just dietitians. We are a team that comprises of dietitians, doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers. We will ensure your body’s overall nutrition is intact while you lose weight and move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Unique Diet Plan Upto 1000:1

Our  diets plans are highly customized and based on your routines, lifestyle, likes, medical conditions, allergies, preferences etc. We try to make our diet plans fit your routine rather than the other way around.


You will have our dietitians’ direct phone number. You will discuss everything on phone. All your details including diets plans will be updated in your app. In case of any doubts, you can call/whatsapp us directly. You don’t have to visit us to work with us. 

100% Natural

We don’t use or recommend any supplements or medicines in our diets. Our diets are completely natural.

Disease Management

By understanding your medical conditions (if any), we recommend natural foods in our diet plans that can help in the condition and try to cut down on things that are not good for the condition. We optimize the diet plans based on your nutritional needs to treat these disorders.

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