Ambe Dal Recipe

Japleen Kaur
Japleen Kaur
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Ambe Dal Recipe is a super quick and easy recipe that requires just a few, easily available ingredients. A refreshing dish with a classic tadka is a must-try recipe in your kitchen.

Ambe Dal Recipe
  • Wash dal thoroughly with water and soak for 4-5 hours.
  • Again wash it thoroughly with water.
  • Then, drain the water – Now take dal, jeera, green chilies, and 2 curry leaves and crush / grind them with a pestle and mortar (Khal Batta).
  • Then, add grated raw mango. See how sour it is and accordingly add to the dal mixture.
  • Add salt, date extract, grated coconut, and finely cut coriander leaves.
  • Take oil in small kadhai, heat, and add mustard seeds till they start spluttering, add hing, curry leaves, Haldi powder.
  • Then, allow it to cool down and add to the dal mixture.
  • Ambe dal is ready.

Health benefits

  • The presence of high protein in chana dal supports our immune system, gearing it up to fight any infections.
  • The folic acid in chana dal is rich in folates. Moreover, Folate is essential in the prevention of diseases like stroke, depression, and dementia.
  • Rich in fiber, organic chana dal is excellent for weight loss.
  • Mango is rich in vitamin A and also vitamin E that enhances the hormonal system.
  • Raw mango prevents dehydration also replenishes the reserves of sodium chloride.
  • The presence of niacin makes raw mangoes heart-healthy fruits.

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