Annie Weight Loss Transformation: Lost 20 Kgs With BP & Cholesterol

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annie weight loss transformation

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Lost 20 Kgs In Just 150 days.
Today’s transformation journey is of a SuperMom, from Delhi.
Let’s read out Annie weight loss transformation and get motivated.

She is Annie, who reached out to us in search of an online diet consultation with health-related issues.
Annie was overweight and struggling to lose weight due to Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. So, from here the journey began.

The Journey Of Annie Weight Loss Transformation

After counseling, we enrolled her in a weight loss program. She started with us when the numbers were 87KGS on the weighing scale.

We got to know all her likes and dislikes, schedule, and routine, and FITELO’s diet expert created a customised diet plan for her.

  • She was fond of Non-veg, we planned that too.
  • We mostly planned homemade food and just structured her lifestyle.

Being a housewife and mother, it’s not an easy task to manage special and different meals for oneself. But if you desire it, nothing can stop you.

Result So Far

  • Lost 20 Kgs In 150 days
  • Dramatic Inch Loss
  • Blood Pressure Issue Resolved
  • Cholesterol Is Normal Now

It’s Annie’s determined that with cholesterol, she lost 20kg with a dramatic inch loss.

She was very much cooperative, hard-working, and dedicated all along the journey.

Yes, she enjoyed outings, vacations, and cheat meals, but she was mindful.

“Annie, you are doing amazing. Keep glowing.”

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Your search for a diet program for weight loss ends here. So, contact us today if you are looking for a diet plan with cheat meals. Also, we will discuss how we can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.


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