Acidity Ya Gas Se Pareshan? Try Fitelo’s Anti Bloating Smoothie

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Mar 2021

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Anti Bloating Smoothie

Cooking Time

5 minutes

Total Time

5 minutes

  • Cucumber sliced - 1 Large
  • Banana - 1
  • Handful of ice
  • Ginger peeled and sliced - 1 pc
  • Coconut water - 1/2 Cup
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 3-4 Tsbp
  • You’ll find so many searches on the internet for anti bloating smoothie recipes. But, very less search for the reasons. The most common cause of stomach bloating is excess intestinal gas, which in simple terms means excess gas in your gut. This excess gas in the gut is caused by certain fruits, vegetables, and fizzy drinks. Other stomach bloating reasons include digestion problems like constipation. 

    If the only relief you find is through medications and countless treatments, then you’re in the wrong place. Excess medication in your body can cause severe stomach pain and abdominal cramps, dizziness, etc. 

    Healthy homemade remedies have always worked wonders for the body. One such homemade recipe for stomach bloating is Anti Bloating Smoothie by Fitelo.

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    How To Make Anti Bloating Smoothie Recipe

    This homemade healthy recipe includes just 3 simple steps and a few ingredients that are easily available at home. Check it out!

    Anti Bloating Smoothie

    Health Benefits Of Anti Bloating Smoothie 

    • Coconut water contains antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, it is great for diabetic patients.
    • Cucumbers may play an important role in controlling sugar levels. It also contains substances that may help lower blood sugar or stop blood glucose from rising too high.
    • Moreover, cucumber is considered great for reducing bloating.
    • Banana is rich in nutrients and contains all the antioxidants your body needs. Also, it is great for our gut health.
    • Bananas also aid in weight loss along with treating the above-mentioned benefits.
    • Also, ginger drastically lowers blood sugar levels and improves heart health. Adding to that, it is often the first ingredient to treat bloating issues.

    Health Benefits Of Cucumber For Bloating

    Potassium, which is abundant in cucumber, fights the negative effects of sodium, which is known to promote bloating. It facilitates sodium excretion through urine. The anti-inflammatory antioxidant quercetin, caffeic acid (found in the skin), vitamin C, and silica are all abundant in cucumbers. 

    You can eat them raw, or you can cut them into pieces and mix them in a glass of water and sip from them all day. A chilled cucumber soup is another cooling remedy for bloating. 

    Health Benefits Of Coconut Water For Bloating

    Coconut water has a diuretic effect, which causes you to urinate more frequently, helping to lessen bloating brought on by water retention. In fact, it’s a drink that’s strong in potassium and electrolytes, both of which help to control our body’s fluid balance and make it a wonderful drink for minimizing bloating.

    Coconut water is known to calm your digestive system and relieves gas issues. Daily consumption of coconut water will give your body protein and improve your condition.

    Health Benefits Of Banana For Bloating

    They aid in the body’s removal of extra sodium and the reduction of inflammation since they are rich in potassium and soluble fiber. Constipation, which can also contribute to bloat, can be relieved with soluble fiber. Eating ripe bananas may help lessen bloating and gas.

    Health Benefits Of Ginger For Bloating

    Ginger is a miraculous plant with a long range of health advantages. Additionally, you can drink ginger tea, a potent digestive aid that eases gas, bloating, stomachaches, and irregular bowel movements. It is recognized for reducing inflammation and calming the GI tract.

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    Bottom Line

    Make this delicious green anti-bloating smoothie to get rid of belly fat this summer! This smoothie is super healthy with homemade ingredients. It is delicious, easy to make, and totally healthy for you!

    Fun Fact

    We all use to like ripped bananas in our childhood. Whether it be chips or milkshakes. However, as we grew up, we started to neglect the importance of adding it to our diet. Banana, isn’t just a fruit with a sweet taste but it consists of so many benefits that you may miss.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Does Anti Bloating Smoothie Give Relief Fast?

    Ans. Yes, you will get instant relief with one glass of Anti Bloating Smoothie.

    Q. What Other Drinks Can You Add In Your Anti Bloating Smoothie

    Ans. Try these homemade drinks for bloating

    Q. Which Fruit Is Best For Bloating?

    Ans. You can try eating these simple fruits at home for bloating

    • Bananas
    • Oranges
    • Papayas
    • Pineapples
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