Ashutosh from Sonipat lost 22kg in just 120 days


Written by Sahil

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Ashutosh from Sonipat reached out to us about four months back. He is the regional sales head of Patanjali and he has a very busy lifestyle which means little time for exercise or even to follow a strict diet routine as he is always on the move.

Ashutosh was Concerned that he doesn’t want to look weak after following a diet regime. Moreover, he is struggling with severe acidity and constipation along with high cholesterol.

We started working with Ashutosh and created a customized plan for him keeping in mind all these things and we gave him enough outside options too. He is a pure vegetarian who loves eating food so we had to plan his diet considering acidity and cholesterol levels and continuous cheat days.

Even when he goes out, we planned his diets accordingly so that his weight loss journey is not impacted and he can still enjoy his social life.

In total, Ashutosh lost a whopping 22 Kgs in less than four months and this time it’s, without visiting the gym or taking any medicines/supplements. Just a simple 30-minute walk.

You can start your journey today and if you are willing to do it, anything is possible. We are proud of you Ashutosh.

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