Banana Chips: Make Kerala Style Crunchy Chips At Home

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Sep 2022

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Kerala; God’s own country is famous for beaches and backwaters but one thing that this state is most loved for is “Kerala Banana Chips”. Banana chips are one of the best and most famous snacks in South India. From local stores to any house you will always spot a packet of yellow round Kele ke chips in South Indian houses. So today we decided to bring this beloved south snack to your plate with this homemade easy and very healthy “banana chips” recipe. A low calories high fiber snack for you to binge without weight gain. So let’s try something new!

How To Make Banana Chips?

  • Firstly, slice the banana into thin layers.
  • Then, in a bowl, add red paprika powder, black pepper powder, salt to taste, and a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to coat.
  • Mix everything carefully so that banana slices get coated with oil and masala completely.
  • Now, place parchment paper on a baking tray.
  • After that, spread coated sliced bananas over it and squeeze some lemon on it.
  • Bake them for 30 to 35 minutes, once they turn brownish in color.
  • Enjoy your healthy, crunchy banana chips at home.


  • You can use any banana, but raw banana is a good option.
  • You can even air fry the bananas.
  • Make sure to let it cook until it turns brown to make it crunchy.
  • Also, turn them over in between.
  • These chips can last for a long time so save them in an air-tight container.

Benefits Of Banana/Banana Chips

banana benefits
  • The sugar present in bananas is absorbed in the body slowly thus it doesn’t spike the insulin in your body. Moreover, it can be consumed by diabetic patients in moderate amounts.
  • Banana fruit contains a good amount of dietary fiber therefore they also help in better digestion.
  • Moreover, they are rich in potassium which further supports heart health.
  • Also, bananas contain flavanoids and amines that reduce the risk of heart diseases and degenerative illnesses, therefore having banana fruit can help in overall health.
  • Banana is considered good as a pre or post-workout snack due to the presence of dietary fiber and potassium in bananas.

Nutritional Value Of Banana

Nutrients Value Per Banana
Potassium9% of the RDI
Vitamin B633% of the RDI
Vitamin C11% of the RDI
Fiber3.1 grams

Banana For Weight Loss – Yes/No?

Avoiding bananas, just because you don’t want to be fat. Don’t tell me you are one of those people who think eating bananas only makes you fat. It is simply untrue. Bananas don’t really make you fat. Watch this video, and get to know what Dietitian Mac has to say about bananas. He also shares tips on how to include bananas in your diet without worrying about weight gain.

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Fun Fact

Try this sugar free chocolate drink recipe! It is full of protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients. Moreover, this easy recipe is the perfect replacement for Bournvita, Horlicks, boost, and other popular marketed products that are full of added sugar, preservatives, and additives too. This recipe will help in the overall development of your children’s health.

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All recipes from Fitelo’s kitchen are devised to suit specific needs. And what may suit one condition may not be applicable to the other. Hence always consult your nutritionist or dietitian before adding these recipes to your diet.

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