Banana Stem Juice: Herbal Homemade & Nutritious Drink

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Jan 2023

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Banana Stem Juice

Although bananas are among the most well-known and well-liked fruits in the world, their stems are frequently overlooked. Banana Stem Juice, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, can be juiced to make a healthy beverage or incorporated into various meals.

In India, banana stem juice has a long history. Scientists have found a variety of health advantages of eating banana stems over time, consequently. This “Underutilized portion of the plant” is high in carbs, potassium, as well as vitamin B6, according to research.

When you want to get the majority of the health advantages from your morning beverages while still wanting something sweet as well as fresh, banana stem juice is an excellent option. Let’s read along to get the fantastic benefits as well as tips for the banana stem in our juice. Nevertheless, check out the recipe below.

How to Make Banana Stem Juice

1. Firstly, peel the stem’s tough outer layer. It is necessary to separate the hardest as well as most fibrous portions. This will uncover a completely white inner core as well as will be easier to cut. Simultenously, chop it into proper pieces, just enough to prepare the necessary amount of the drink, not more. Because the stem can easily get discolored.
2. Secondly, add 1 cup of drinking water to the diced-up pieces before adding them to the mixer grinder. Grind this until the mixture is completely smooth and there are no lumps.
3. Into a serving glass, or a strain. Add curd as well as salt to your taste. If you wish, stir a few teaspoons of the fine pulp (fiber) into the beverage. This will help in the improvement of your digestive system.
4. Finally, serve right away to prevent the color from darkening.

Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

1. Helps With Weight Loss

Banana stems are rich in fiber, which helps you in weight loss by reducing your appetite as well as keeping you satisfied for longer periods of time.

2. Banana Stem Juice For Constipation

In addition to aiding in weight loss, the banana stem’s fiber content also supports regular bowel movements. You must drink the juice from the banana stem without filtering it to get the most fiber from it.

3. Maintains Control of Diabetes

Because it doesn’t contain sugar, the juice made from banana stems is great for diabetics. Additionally, it has a low glycemic index, which is crucial for people with diabetes.

4. Supports Detoxification

The stem of a banana helps in eliminating toxic substances from your body. It is one of the best ways to purge your body of various illnesses.

5. Excellent for Your Stomach

Because it is healthy for your digestion as well as includes fiber, the banana stem helps with bowel movements.

6. Banana Stem Juice Recipe for Kidney Stones

Drinking banana stem juice can help prevent kidney stones. The potassium in the stem prevents calcium crystals or calcium lumps from forming in the kidney. For the best benefit, it is advised to take it with cardamom powder.

7. Great for Hyperacidity 

The stem of a banana helps your body’s acid balance as well as provides relief from heartburn and hyperacidity. For the greatest outcomes in cases of acidity, it is advised to be taken three times per week.

8. Banana Stem Juice Helps With Anemia

The banana stem’s contribution to boosting hemoglobin production is yet another positive health effect, as the branch is a good source of iron and vitamin B6. This is beneficial in the management of anemia.

9. Helps In UTIs

The banana stem’s potassium content, Vitamin B6 content, as well as diuretic characteristics aid in clearing toxins from the urinary tract and ward off infections.

10. Keeps Your Blood Pressure In Check

As was already mentioned, potassium as well as vitamin B6 in banana stems help control blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Advantages Does Banana Stem Juice Have?

Ans. Banana Stem’s Best use is it helps with constipation. Similar to the fruit, banana stems are a good source of potassium as well as vitamin B6. The synthesis of insulin as well as hemoglobin is aided by vitamin B6. Additionally, it helps keep the body’s fluid balance in check and avoid excessive blood pressure.

Q. When Should You Drink Banana Stem Juice?

Ans. Kidney stone patients can find relief from their symptoms by drinking banana stem juice.

It is best to drink banana stem juice every morning on an empty stomach, but if that is not feasible, make an effort to consume it at least three times per week for the best benefits.

Q. How Much Banana Stem Juice Should I Consume Daily to Treat Kidney Stones?

Ans. Freshly squeezed stem juice must be had on an empty stomach. Every month, this can be done for a few days in a row.

Q. The Best Way to Drink Banana Stems

Ans. Making juice is the quickest and easiest way to consume banana stems. It is necessary to cut away the stem’s thick outer portions. It is necessary to chop the tenderest interior portion into smaller pieces and grind it in a food processor. One can thin out the thick paste.

Q. Can We Eat Banana Stems Daily?

Ans. Banana stalks contain fiber, which is excellent for those trying to reduce weight. You can have 25g to 40g of banana stem every day to help with weight loss, consequently. It also contains a lot of potassium as well as vitamin B6, which are important nutrients for producing insulin as well as hemoglobin.

Fun Facts

Banana stems are rich in fiber as well as can help heal stomach ulcers and indigestion. Banana stems, like other amazing rich fruits like wholesome bananas, are rich in potassium and vitamin B6, both of which are good for the muscles and the body’s generation of insulin and hemoglobin.

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