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Her journey

Read a banker’s inspiring transformation via our online dietitian for weight loss. R. Mishra from Chandigarh reached out to us with her excessive weight gain. She had tried to lose weight in the past but she failed every time. Thus, she wanted to give her body a natural try and shape her lifestyle in a healthy way.

Rashmi’s inactive lifestyle

Being a store Banker, She has a sitting job with a very hectic schedule and no time for workouts at all, and on some days, she has to work overtime also. Moreover, it is not feasible for her to go for gymming or exercise.

Diet customization for a foodie 😉

R. Mishra is a foodie who loves to explore the different variety of foods, along with her weight loss she wanted exciting diets so that it does not become monotonous for her to follow the diets. We also planned a lot of cheat meals from Golgapas to pizza.

Inspiring story

R. Mishra was suffering from severe constipation too. Thus, it was Mishra’s dedication and motivation that she continued with the diet plan. She was also very determined enough to get better and start living a healthy lifestyle. We just worked with her to find the right direction. We are so proud of you mam.

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