Mamta’s before and after weight loss success story


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before and after weight loss success story

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Do you think there is any right age to have a before and after weight loss success story?

Mamta, from Delhi, at the age of 41, proved everyone wrong. By making this dramatic transformation along with multiple medical conditions.
She managed to lose 20kgs in just 4 months. Following is her before and after weight loss success story.

Medical concern

Mamta reached out to us for an online diet consultation with a lot of hopes since she had a lower back and knee injury which restricted her to go to the gym or manage. Moreover, any kind of physical activity, not even home workouts or yoga.

Family history

Adding to that, she has had her gall bladder removed due to stones. With a family history of hypertension and uric acid, so we had to customize a diet plan catering to her likes and dislikes. Also, while taking care of all the mentioned medical concerns.

Her Meal plan

We planned very simple homemade foods in her diet aka Gharki dal- roti- sabzi, and rice. This made her before and after weight loss success story losing 20 kgs in 4 months with no gym or exercise. Mamta was very much determined to achieve her goals.

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