Read Gurmeet�s before and after weight loss success story


Oct 2020

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before and after weight loss success story

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Gurmeet story

We are happy to share Gurmeet’s before and after weight loss success story.

Gurmeet lost 17 Kgs in 4 Months.

Gurmeet Singh from JAMMU reached out to us after hearing about us from his friends and family. After being on our page for a few weeks, Gurmeet called us. He shared his challenges and goals.

He is running a PHARMA BUSINESS due to which he has a HECTIC LIFESTYLE. The past few months have been even busier. Over time Gurmeet gained a lot of weight up to the point, where it started affecting his health.

Gurmeet has many dietary restrictions. Suffering from HYPERTENSION and URIC ACID, he often feels BLOATED and due to the nature of his business, he has to eat out a few times a week.

We started working with Gurmeet and created a customized diet plan for him. We took care of his dietary restrictions and gave him outside eating options to manage his outings. Gurmeet is a non-vegetarian so we added non-vegetarian options to his diet.

Gurmeet’s hard work and dedication led to a weight loss of 17 Kgs in less than 4 months. He did not visit the gym or took any medicines or supplements. He has lost significant inches. His medical conditions are getting better as well.

There were ups and downs, his weight got stuck at one point he felt like quitting. But, he never gave up and kept going.

We continue to work with Gurmeet until he loses all those extra kilos and inches and gets into a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.


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