Best And Worst Foods For Belly Fat: How To Get A Slimmer Waist?

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Jan 2023

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Belly Fat

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Belly fat is on every Indian’s top hit list. Whether it be young or old, woman or man, everyone wishes to have a fit and flat tummy. What all goes behind maintaining a slim trim tummy? Of course, not Kareen Kapoor’s 0 size figure from Tashan, but every woman, desires to have a slimmer waistline to get into a bodycon dress. A bulging tummy is both embarrassing as well as unhealthy.

We understand how it is really hard to hold on to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as a 9-6 job, together. And, when we say 9-6 job, it isn’t only about office work, but also for hardworking 24/7 jobs that our mothers do. With such a busy schedule, it seems close to impossible to exercise as well as follow a diet together. Researchers and doctors have stated that people with belly fat are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, as well as stroke.

Hence, it’s not only about having a flat tummy, but it also has a lot to do with your health too. Another question that arises is,” Am I Not Eating, Right?” Even if it’s घर का बना खाना, there are yet a few quantities in your food that consists of unhealthy portions. Nevertheless, you need not fret. We’re here to help you, and guide you with the Top 10 Exercises To Shed That Belly Fat, as well as a few Best And Worst Foods For Belly Fat. Read along!

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat or stomach fat is not a spongy, squishy layer right under your skin that you can easily grab or pinch it. Basically, Visceral fat is the kind that is situated deep in your torso, and packs around your intestines, stomach, and your liver. It can be very risky for your health, likewise. Exercise and diet obviously go hand-in-hand though, you must almost get used to some healthy habits too.

One happy fact: Visceral fat is the kind of fat you can lose easily. Although to that, you will need to get moving. That doesn’t mean getting used to complicated heavy workouts. It can simply include brisk walking for an hour or a strong 30 minutes of cardio that will help boost your metabolism fast.

What Role Does Metabolism Play In Losing Belly Fat?

Basically, your metabolism is how your body burns calories to energize it. From breathing, digesting, and blood circulation, all this is included in your metabolism. It solely depends on what speed you choose to burn off calories throughout the entire data, to get your metabolism going.

Hence, to conclude, if your metabolism is high, you will easily burn calories. This means, for an increased metabolism you will need to adapt more calories to maintain your weight.

A little overwhelming?

Let’s understand by Dt. Mac Singh On How To Fix Your Metabolism

What Causes Belly Fat?

Not following a good weight loss diet, lack of exercise, environmental factors, and genetics are all factors that lead to belly fat. Find out from the below-given factors, which reason could be yours.

1. An Inactive Way of Life

Belly Fat

One of the leading causes of belly fat is a lack of regular exercise and a lethargic lifestyle. If you do not burn as many calories as you consume, it gets stored in the body as fat. As a result, it is necessary to include at least 30 minutes of exercise into one’s daily routine in order to keep one’s body agile and in shape.

2. Poor Eating Habits

Belly fat

Obesity and related problems in children are primarily caused by poor eating habits. Junk foods, fried foods, and preserved foods are high in synthetic additives, artificial flavoring, and sugar. They not only increase the prevalence of belly fat in individuals, but they also lead to a variety of related health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many others.

3. High levels of stress

Belly Fat

When a person is in a stressful situation, the body produces a chemical called cortisol to help them cope. However, prolonged release of this chemical can dangerously slow down the metabolic rate, affecting the body. Stress also promotes binge eating, particularly in adolescents and young adults. Excess calories and a slow metabolism cause fat to accumulate in our bodies, particularly around our bellies. This is also correlated to understanding the importance of adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

4. Genetics and Belly Fat 


People who have genetic strains linked to obesity are more likely to accumulate fat around their bellies. This is due to the fact that these genes control how our bodies react to food and our metabolic rate. A person with a slow metabolic rate is more likely to develop a larger belly.

5. Insufficient Sleep

Belly fat

Every day, our bodies require enough time to burn off excess energy and restore themselves, which is accomplished through proper and adequate sleep. Furthermore, research shows that lack of sleep or insufficient sleep makes our bodies incapable of regulating energy usage in the long run. As a result, one’s metabolic rate and fat-burning abilities are reduced. Still, it has an impact on one’s mental health, which can lead to binge eating and anxiety eating problems, which can lead to excessive weight gain.

6. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes

Many women in their late 40s and 50s notice an increase in belly fat. It is caused by the onset of menopause, in which estrogen levels rapidly decline, causing the body to store the majority of the fat in the abdominal region rather than distributing it evenly.

7. Belly Fat and Postpartum


One of the most common causes of belly fat in women is pregnancy. During pregnancy, the abdominal region must stretch and distend outwards to ensure the child’s safety in the womb. During the postpartum period, the body stores some fat in the abdomen as an energy reserve for the mother. It also protects the child from potential external injuries. The skin and internal structure of the abdominal region require time to reorganize themselves after the child is born. Many times, the fat does not burn off, resulting in a lower belly.

Worst Food To Stay Away From To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Which foods contribute to the belly fat problem? Here is a list of the foods and beverages that are the worst for causing you to gain long-term belly fat.

1. Caffeine

Type 2 diabetes and belly fat go hand in hand quite well. According to studies, caffeine consumption has a deleterious effect on diabetics’ sugar metabolism by reducing their insulin sensitivity by roughly 15%.

Due to decreased insulin sensitivity and elevated cortisol levels, your body is predisposed to accumulating belly fat, which explains why so many people report losing inches around their midsection after quitting caffeine.

2. Sugary Carbohydrates

Insulin is activated to lower blood sugar levels when they start to rise and return to normal. Fat is accumulated through the belly area when insulin goes into overdrive, as it does when we consume foods that translate to harmful sugar.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol causes the metabolism of fat to stop. Before anything else can be broken down by our bodies, alcohol must first be broken down. This implies that whatever you consume will remain in your stomach until your body degrades and eliminates the alcohol in each glass of wine, beer, or cocktail you sip.

4. Anything that contains artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners, such as those found in diet sodas, have a strong link to weight gain. According to research, non-nutritive sweeteners like aspartame inhibit an essential enzyme that increases insulin sensitivity. Remember what I said earlier? Fat buildup through the belly area is usually often caused by decreased insulin sensitivity.

5. Plain White Bread

White bread is highly refined and frequently contains a high amount of added sugar. It has a high glycemic index, which means it can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. A daily consumption of two slices (120 grams) of white bread was linked to a 40% increased risk of weight gain and obesity. Fortunately, there are many healthy alternatives to traditional wheat bread, such as whole-grain bread made from sprouted grains and legumes.

6. White Rice 

White rice is low in fat but contains little fiber and protein. We are not asking you to stop eating rice, but rather to limit your consumption. White rice has a high glycemic index, which means it can cause a spike in blood sugar levels after eating it. White rice substitutes include brown rice, quinoa, as well as cauliflower rice. These options are higher in dietary fiber, which can help people feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Foods That Will Help Reduce Belly Fat

Good news!! By adopting a few dietary changes, you can effortlessly lose belly fat. What are they?

1. Yogurt

Belly fat

According to a study, obese persons who consumed three cups of fat-free yogurt per day in addition to following a low-calorie diet lost considerably more fat and weight than those who did not consume yogurt but followed a low-calorie diet. When compared to the other members of the research group, the yogurt eaters shed 22% more weight and 61% more body fat.

2. Chia Seeds

chia seeds

According to a study from 2015, increasing your daily fiber intake to 30 grams may aid in weight loss on par with sophisticated diet plans.

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, carbs, fiber, antioxidants, as well as calcium, are all included in chia seeds. Chia seeds are excellent for weight-loss regimens because of their high fiber content. Chia seeds include about 10 grams of fiber per two teaspoons, which is about 40% of the daily required amount.

3. Whole Grains

Grains - belly fat

Including whole grains in your diet is a wise decision if you want to lose weight. You must, however, eat them in moderation to avoid consuming excessive amounts of calories.

Because they are rich in minerals and balance salt, whole grains can help reduce bloating. For the greatest advantages, include quinoa, brown rice, barley, wheat, millet, farro, sorghum, as well as amaranth.

4. Lettuce

lettuce - belly fat

Green vegetables such as spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and arugula are high in fiber in addition to being loaded with vitamins and minerals and low in calories. For a meal that will keep you satisfied all afternoon, have a huge amount of salad. Additionally, if you have a smaller salad before a meal, you’ll eat less of the main course.

5. Nuts For Belly Fat


Because of their high protein and fiber content, scrumptious nuts are excellent weight-loss foods that aid in the removal of belly fat. Fiber, as previously stated, and protein both keep you fuller for longer. Protein goes a step further to help boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn off extra calories and melt away belly fat.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark  chocolate

Dark chocolate is a superfood for many reasons. A few are:

  • Enhancing insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces hunger and appetite
  • Improves your mood, which helps in weight loss.

Craving For Desserts On Diet: Try Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

“When life gives you dark chocolate, there’s no need to look for other delicious alternatives.” No matter your age or gender, chocolates, are undoubtedly tempting delicacies that provide great joy as well as sweet satisfaction. Even better, eating dark chocolate has many health advantages. So, is dark chocolate also beneficial for shedding pounds?

Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

A daily workout keeps the belly fat at bay! Along with the best diet plan for belly fat loss, exercise is also essential for overall body health. As a result, exercise is considered the most effective belly fat burner. Let’s look at the best exercises for losing belly fat.

belly fat
Exercise for Belly Fat

1. The Russian Twist

Russian twists work both your obliques and your abdominal muscles. They are extremely beneficial to a wide range of athletes, including tennis and baseball players.

2. Burpees For Belly Fat

Burpees are an excellent plyometric exercise that works your core, chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quadriceps. They will also increase your heart rate and cause you to burn calories.

3. Medicinal Ball Slam

Another exercise that combines cardio and strength is ball slam, which works your shoulders, triceps, calves, back, and core. A medicine ball and a protective mat are required for this exercise to avoid damaging the floor.

4. Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are another exercise that burns calories quickly. They are an explosive, plyometric movement that helps increase muscle power and reduce tummy fat.

5. Swing with Kettlebells

Another full-body exercise that combines cardio and strength training. The kettlebell swing works the majority of the body’s major muscle groups.

6. Jumping Jacks For Belly Fat

Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise that you can do almost anywhere because they raise your heart rate, burn calories, and improve your stamina.

7. Lunge Jumps

This is another quick belly fat burner move that will burn calories and help you lose belly fat quickly.

8. Squats For Belly Fat

A jumping squat, like a bodyweight squat, targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and hips while also raising your heart rate and helping you burn more calories.

9. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is the best exercise for burning calories as well as working your abs. It also works your core, making it the ideal exercise for shedding stubborn belly fat and revealing your abs.

10. Yoga For Belly Fat

Certain yoga asanas work like magic to reduce belly fat. They target abdominal flab, burn calories, make your muscles more flexible, and improve metabolism. Reduced abdominal strength as well as structure, in fact, causes lower back pain, poor posture, and sagging. Combining a healthy diet with yoga, on the other hand, can help you lose belly fat. All you have to do is stick to the plan and do the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat on a regular basis.

Home Remedies To Lose Belly Fat

People no longer take belly fat as a normal part of the aging process. We all are becoming more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body. Here are some home remedies that may help in losing belly fat.

1. Chilli Pepper

chilli pepper belly fat

They are linked with the reduction in body fat. Capsicum may also be beneficial in promoting the use of body fat. Capsicum can be added to foods and vegetable dishes to aid in the reduction of belly fat and also be added as an ingredient for a healthy diet.

2. Ginger For Belly Fat And Weight Loss

Ginger belly fat

They have numerous health benefits for people looking to lose belly fat. Ginger consumption has been linked to increased fat metabolism in the body. Ginger may also aid in the utilization of fat in the body. Taking ginger also helps to reduce fat storage in the body, resulting in a reduction in overall body weight.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric belly fat

Along with a plethora of health benefits, they possess the potential to reduce body fat deposits. According to animal studies, it may aid in the reduction of body fat and weight. Mix some turmeric into a glass of warm water and drink it every morning to lose belly fat.

4. Cumin


Also known as jeera, is a popular spice in many Indian households. Cumin has numerous health benefits and is frequently used to treat diarrhea and other stomach ailments. Furthermore, cumin consumption may aid in fat breakdown and appetite suppression. These cumin benefits may help you lose belly fat and achieve a healthy weight. Cumin can be used in a variety of foods, dishes, and salads.

5. Lemon


They promote fat metabolism and help to reduce body weight and fat accumulation. Lemon may aid in the reduction of belly fat. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

6. Green Tea

Green tea

A popular beverage used to maintain health and is beneficial in the prevention of many diseases. Several animal studies suggest that drinking green tea can help you lose weight. Other advantages have been observed, such as a reduction in body weight and fatty tissues. To help reduce belly fat and manage weight, make a cup of green tea and drink it every morning.

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss: A Healthy Hack By Fitelo

Almost every company has started selling green tea with its own brand name varying in benefits. Well, for some, it is genuinely a healthy drink and for some, drinking green tea is more of a status symbol. Yes, it is helpful in weight loss but it is also important to take an appropriate diet with it. Apart from helping you lose kilos, there are also other benefits of green tea. But do you know which is the best green tea for weight loss? If not, now you will.

Must Try Recipe To Reduce Belly Fat

Fitelo’s top dieticians never miss a chance of providing delicious yet healthy diet food for you. A few beneficial diets to reduce belly fat is given below. Check them out.

1. Green Tea Pear Smoothie Recipe

This an amazing recipe for a green tea pear smoothie, which is sugar-free and will surely help you if you are on the weight loss journey.

2. Ginger Tea Recipe With Turmeric

Both ginger and turmeric have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain. The medicinal properties of turmeric and ginger tea will boost your health and help treat a wide range of health issues.

3. Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Milkshake Recipe 

A rich dry fruit milkshake, which is yummy, healthy, and will surely help you lose weight. Moreover, this is so filling that you can have it as one of the meals and stay away from snacking for a good long time. 

Belly Fat Reduction Stories with Dt. Mac Singh

Your body is composed of 3 types of weight – Muscle weight, bone weight, and fat weight. Mostly, people, even our clients are unaware of what weight they are losing. The ones going on crash diets lose muscle weight, water weight, and in extreme cases, bone weight too!

But at Fitelo, our focus has always been on fat loss! Check out Fitelo’s body recomposition success story.

What Type of Belly Fat Do You Have?

First of all, it’s crucial to realize that belly fat differs from the fat on our thighs or in the area behind our arms. Visceral fat, or abdominal fat that is located deep inside the body, is harmful because it is positioned so closely to our internal organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Even while we all have a little amount of visceral fat, some people put on far too much weight, which raises their risk of heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. We all have two different forms of fat in addition to visceral fat.

1. The Squeezable Type of Fat

Subcutaneous fat is fat that can be pinched between your fingers, even if it is located around your abdomen. Although this kind of fat is uncomfortable, it’s not the only one you want to shed when you reduce abdominal fat. Subcutaneous fat is incredibly difficult to lose and is typically more prevalent in Pear-shaped women. Find out how to get rid of this kind of fat here.

2 – The Good Type of Fat

Unbelievably, you have brown fat, a beneficial type of fat. It helps keep us warm as well as can be located in unexpected places like our neck and numerous locations on or around our spine. Different people have different brown fat deposits in different places. You shouldn’t be concerned about getting rid of this type of fat. You require it!

3. Actual Belly Fat

We’re about to start working now. You have more visceral fat (also known as belly fat) than you should if your midsection is even slightly rounded and contains more than just one type of fat that you can squeeze.

CTA ImageCTA Image

Bottom Line

Getting a toned and taut stomach is one of the first things that many individuals think of when they consider losing weight. We’re sorry to break it to you, but the best approach to losing belly fat isn’t by performing hundreds of crunches each day. Actually, there are no exercises that encourage spot reduction, although it goes hand in hand with a good diet, so get in touch with Fitelo’s top Dieticians and Nutritionists for great tips.

Fun Fact

Heard about hormonal belly? Females battling with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have higher levels of androgens and higher insulin levels which is a hormone that affects how the body turns food into energy. This results in weight gain and particularly around the abdomen area. There are a few foods for irregular periods that may be helpful for you and may also help with stubborn belly fat.

How About New Resolution For Weight Loss With Fitelo? 

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Frequently Answered Questions

Q. What Is the Main Reason For Belly Fat?

Ans. Poor eating habits, inactivity, and short or poor-quality naps are some of the causes. People can reduce their excess belly fat and the risk of associated issues by eating well and leading an active lifestyle.

Q. What Exercise Reduces Belly Fat the Most?

Ans. Crunches are the best exercise for burning belly fat. When it comes to workouts that burn fat, crunches come in first. Begin by laying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet resting on the ground. After raising your hands, put them behind your head.

Q. Does Rice Cause Belly Fat?

Ans. No, eating rice by itself typically does not make you fat. An unhealthy weight increase is the source of belly fat. When consumed in moderation, white rice might not make you gain weight. Brown rice’s rich fiber content may possibly aid with weight loss.

Q. Can Lemons Help You Lose Tummy Fat?

Ans. These help in weight loss due to their vitamin C content and antioxidants that aid in healthy digestion. They also contain diuretic effects that aid in bodily detoxification and fat burning. Experts claim that this magical concoction greatly increases the body’s metabolism.

Q. How Can I Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Ans. Cut off on carbs instead of fat, keep walking, and lift weights (strength training)

Q. Does Cardio Reduce Belly Fat?

Ans. Running is the number one cardio to reduce belly fat. Secondly, bicycling, jogging, and swimming can be your alternative too.

Q. How Much Cardio Should I Do To Lose Belly Fat?

Ans. A strict 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, almost 4-5 times in a week.

Q. Top 5 Foods To Lose Belly Fat?

Ans. Yogurt, Salmon, Chia Seeds, Lemons, Green tea.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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