Benefits of Aam Panna: Does Aam Panna Reduce Weight? [Best Recipe]

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
May 2022

2 min read
benefits of aam panna

Cooking Time

5 minutes

Total Time

10 minutes

  • Raw Mango: 1
  • Water: 2 Cup
  • Black Salt: 1 pinch
  • Roasted Cumin Powder: 1/2 tsp
  • Black Pepper: 2 pinch
  • Dates puree: 1tsp
  • Hot summers are here and the taste buds are demanding for a tangy treat. Let’s beat the scorching heat with Fitelo style aam panna. Despite being a refreshing drink there are various benefits of aam panna. Let’s dive into an easy recipe for sugar-free Aam Panna.

    benefits of aam panna

    How To Make Aam Panna

    1. Firstly, rinse raw or unripe mango in water.
    2. Then boil/steam them with water as a whole until they get completely softer.
    3. Let the mango cool, then remove the skin.
    4. Mesh the mango properly to take as much as pulp as you can. (Don’t discard the water. Use it to make aam panna).
    5. Now, blend the mango pulp. After that add black salt, roasted jeera powder and black pepper.
    6. Aam panna puree is ready. (You can store it for more than a month).
    7. Use 1/4 cup aam panna for a glass. Add ice cubes if you want or use chilled water.
    8. Garnish the drink with mint leaves and enjoy.

    For Your Information

    • You can add homemade date syrup to give it a sweet and tangy flavour.
    • For an instant recipe than this, you can also roast the mango directly on low-medium heat.

    Health Benefits Of Aam Panna

    • Aam Panna hydrates the body and helps to maintain the electrolytic cycle too.
    • Also, it keeps the body cool. Therefore helps in the prevention of heatstroke. Moreover, it boosts immunity.
    • Moreover, it helps regulate the digestive process, thus promotes weight loss. Also, it cure diarrhoea, piles, gastroenteritis, and constipation.
    • Apart from this, Aam Panna is rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, iron, and folates. 
    • Furthermore, Jeera powder added to the drink helps in weight loss. Thus, lowers cholesterol levels.
    • Along with adding flavour, mint leaves improve the irritable bowel system and relieve digestion.


    How To Make Dates Puree At Home?

    Dates puree is simple to make. This natural sweetener just require two ingredients. A healthier alternative to white sugar and other processed sugars. Let’s read out the method:

    • Soak 10-12 dates in a cup full of water for 15 minutes and cover it.
    • Meanwhile, keep 4 cups of water on a low flame. Till then crush the dates thoroughly and deseed them. Then add dates into it. Don’t throw the soaking water.
    • Boil the water and dates until water gets thick.
    • Then shift it into a blender and blend until it get smooth. Add that soaking water as per your desired consistency.
    • Pour the dates puree into a clean storage container and cover. You can use it for many days.
    • Dates and water quantity may vary according to you.

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