Best Body Transformation Of Our Client Keerti [Read and Get Motivated]

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
May 2022

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overall body transformation

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Not just 13 Kgs in 100 days, but this is best body transformation.

  • Dramatic Inch Loss
  • Better Skin
overall body transformation

Keerti Verma from Noida reached out to us in Jan with her concerns. She wanted to lose weight and inches. More than she has a lot of medical conditions at a young age.

Challenges In Journey Of Best Body Transformation

After reviewing her medical conditions, we had to set a different kind of targets for her. It was not about weight loss. We had to focus on improving her medical conditions. She suffers from Constipation. She has some anxiety issues as well.

We planned her diets keeping all these things in mind. Within the first few weeks, the lockdown also came into effect. Having a very big social circle, she had quite a few outings. Being a foodie, she enjoyed outside food.

The Reward

We had to give her options which were easily available at her home, yet it had to be interesting and creative so she doesn’t get bored. We had to plan options which can cheer her mood too. Being a Vegetarian we had to ensure her diets were planned accordingly.

It was her hard work and willingness to get better, Keerti lost 13 Kgs and many inches in less than 3 months without going to the gym or taking any supplements or medicines. Her medical conditions are already improving and she has better skin. Even her overall body transformation is unbelievable.

We are proud of you Keerti. We have had clients who lost a lot of weight in a very short time. But with Keerti we had different targets and Keerti proved that our natural foods are enough to start leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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