Ashree Kaur Tried The Best Diet For PCOD  Weight Loss

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best diet for pcod weight loss

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8.4 kgs gone in 30 days with the best diet for PCOD weight loss!😊

There’s nothing in the world a healthy lifestyle can’t fix. Our following success story speaks to this notion.

Ashree Kaur a lovely makeup artist based in Delhi approached us with some extra kilos and PCOD. Being a makeup artist, her job demands a lot of her time and energy, which does not necessarily engage her in looking after herself and her health. However, things got alarming for Ashree when she saw an increase in numbers on the weighing scale. This was also the time when she was diagnosed with PCOD.

Try Fitelo’s Best Diet For PCOD  Weight Loss Like Ashree!

Worried Ashree decided to approach us to help her and come out healthier on the other side. After working closely with Ashree and putting themselves in her shoes our dietitians came up with an intervention that would fit her busy lifestyle like a glove.

Just like the colors in her makeup palette, our dietitians provided her a diet with a variety of foods which not only helped her drop extra kilos but also improved her immunity and made her feel healthier.

While several dietitians these days preach strict diets, we at FItelo believe that providing cheat meals does not hinder your weight loss process, but instead adds fuel to it. With well-planned cheat meals, Ashree was able to drop 8.4 kg in just one month. Fitelo diet plan for PCOS is one of the best for weight loss and overcoming PCOD.

Not to forget, her PCOD symptoms too showed improvement and do not bother her now. While she earlier shopped for jeans with a waist of 28, she now carries 26 waist jeans with utmost grace and confidence.

Should You Eat Carbs If You Have PCOD?

A Major Takeaway From Ashree’s PCOD Story!

Ashree now enjoys everything more than ever, she can work harder and most importantly enjoys looking after herself all thanks to the right lifestyle and guidance provided at the right time.

As per our dietitians, all that Ashree was required to do was turn her attention towards herself and mold her current practices into a lifestyle that heals.

The major takeaway from this story is straight and simple. If a girl next door like Ashree can overcome her PCOS, then so can you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Causes PCOD In Women?

A: Many studies say that it happens due to Genetic disorders. But the lifestyle may also play a part. 

Q: Does PCOD Put You At Risk For Other Serious Conditions?

A: Yes, women with PCOS experience a combination of symptoms. These symptoms can lead to other serious conditions such as obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, and infertility. 

Q. Does The Best Diet For PCOD Weight Loss Work?

A: Well, if you don’t believe us listen to Shevi:

Fun Fact

You might be surprised but it’s true that modern medicine doesn’t have an answer yet, though many PCOS patients have benefited from making lifestyle changes like adopting a vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, or even in some cases keto diet. You need to find the best diet for pcod for yourself and make the right lifestyle changes.

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