Best Nutritionist for Weight Loss in India

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Mar 2022

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Cookies, chips, chocolates, juice, aloo bhujia. A table full of such items is common, especially in India when guests are in the house. After all, it seems to be a sign of hospitality and warmth. 
And where do we leave off, when it comes to love? We keep on eating and eating. What about side effects…will be seen later. Then the weighing machine and medical reports serve as a reality check. Oh My God, What’s going on? Everything is shaken.
What to do? I need a nutritionist. Actually, the Best Nutritionist for Weight loss.

Should I See A Dietician Or Nutritionist For Weight Loss?

Shedding a few kilos on your own can be a long and difficult battle! But who says you have to fight it alone? After all, India has the best nutritionists and they are just one click away.

But don’t make a mistake in choosing the right nutritionist for weight loss. After all, it’s your life.

Hence, Choose a health expert who is familiar with evidence-based weight loss strategies. Pick the one who can get you out of trouble.

So, before coming to the conclusion of what to choose, it is important to understand the meaning of both the terms “Nutritionist” and “Dietitian.”

Who Is A Dietician?

best dietitian
  • A dietician is a licensed and regulated health professional. Therefore, he or she evaluates, diagnoses, and treats food and nutritional disorders in individuals. 
  • Also, A dietitian works with both healthy people and those with medical conditions. Thus, he treats medical conditions through nutrition therapy.
  • Furthermore, the dietitian uses the latest public health and scientific research on food, health, and diseases.
  • Indeed by providing practical advice, a dietitian can help individuals make a positive difference in their lifestyle and eating choices.
  • Apart from this, dietitians are the only nutrition professionals regulated by law.

Who Is a Nutritionist?

  • A nutritionist provides knowledge about food and healthy eating. Thus, he helps healthy individuals improve their nutritional intake and lifestyle with better dietary choices.
  • Moreover, A nutritionist does not just provide special diet plans for medical conditions. Beyond that, he can indulge in roles like public health, health policy, as well as education and research.
  • In addition, this profession is not regulated by law, so anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. You can find Nutritionist for weight loss online.

What Is The Difference Between A Dietitian And A Nutritionist?

Although both dietitians and nutritionists play a similar function in improving health, but on the part they also differ from one another in numerous aspects. 

1. Working

  • The main difference lies in working. Dietitians handle both healthy and sick ones. Whereas Nutritionists solely work with healthy people. For instance, dieticians can establish a detailed meal plan for people with diabetes, excessive cholesterol, or obesity. A nutritionist, on the other hand, doesn’t treat people who have medical issues.
  • Dietitians work at hospitals and health clinics most of the time. They examine patients’ nutritional needs and recommend dietary adjustments to help them manage or treat disorders. In contrast, Nutritionists work at fitness and wellness centers as well as nutritional supplement firms.

2. Professional Criteria

To work as a dietician, a professional criteria is a must. Whereas, a nutritionist might either have a proper qualification or be self-taught.

Dietician Or Nutritionist?

Nutritionist for weight loss

Don’t be stuck in between choosing dietitian and nutritionist for weight loss. Come on, let us make it simpler for you.

Go For A Dietician

  • Firstly, You want to lose weight. But medical concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, stress etc. are the roadblocks? Then without any doubt, opt for a dietitian.
  • Next, dietitian will consider your eating habits, everyday activities, medical concerns, allergies and will tailor your diet plan accordingly.
  • And after that, dietitian will assess the success of the plan so far and make changes if necessary.
  • Hence, diet will be planned according to your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, and hectic schedule.
  • Basically, the dietitian interprets the science of nutrition and helps to improve health and treat diseases by educating and giving practical advice.
  • How to cook? How to prepare food in specific ways to cut down on calories or to boost metabolism? All these questions can be answered by a dietitian only. 

Choose Nutritionist

  • If weight loss is your only concern, then a nutritionist is a good choice too.
  • A nutritionist can help you lose weight by recommending a proper diet and the amount of food.
  • In addition, a nutritionist for weight loss can suggest exercise and physical activities to achieve your goal.

So, now you can make a firm decision accordingly.

Know about your needs, requirements, and health concerns most importantly.

No doubt, both nutritionist and dietitian can help you achieve your weight goals. But the safest and most appropriate choice is to choose a dietitian who can deal with any kind of medical concern. 

How Do I Choose Best Dietician Or Nutritionist For Weight Loss Online In India?

“Choose a dietician who is right for you, not just the one who is close by.”

Choosing a dietician is a very personal decision. The best nutritionist for you is someone who understands your objectives and makes you feel comfortable.

Fortunately, it is not hard to find a dietitian who can help you. There are many dietitians available online also. So here are the points to keep in mind while choosing the best dietician or nutritionist online. 

  • Figure out what you need. Weight gain, weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, or disease management?
  • Start looking for the best dietitian. Make a shortlist of the finest and monitor them for a week.
  • Equally important is to find out what services they have to offer.
  • Pay attention to the dietitian’s customer service, reviews, and transformation history. 
  • Then, schedule a free consultation.
Nutritionist for weight loss
  • Ask as many questions as you can.
  • Check to see whether the diet can be tailored according to your eating habits, job schedule, and all.
  • Also, ask about the availability. A nutritionist must contact you every day to examine your diet if it suits you or not. Later you can make changes based on your preferences.
  • Some dieticians tend to give a strict diet plan for 2 to 3 weeks and then leave. Avoid such at all costs. 
  • Your dietician should have access to your routine and weight data every day. Only then one can determine whether the diet is working for you or not.
  • Consider the nutritionist’s business plan. If it entails selling you lots of expensive things, just ignore.

How To Consult A Dietitian Or Nutritionist For Weight Loss Online?

See how simple it is to consult nutritionist for weight loss online.

Hey! Don’t Worry. No need to go anywhere to consult a dietitian online.

What you need is just a phone. On that phone, you need an app. You can reach out to the online dietitian from the comfort of your home.

diet plan for weight loss

Steps to consulting a dietitian or nutritionist for weight loss online:

  • Make up your mind and set the goal. List out the questions you want to get answered.
  • Ensure that you know your current weight, height, and medical history.
  • Write down your whole day’s activities. Also you must know your likes and dislikes.
  • Now the time is to search for the best dietitian. Examine the website and the social media handles.
  • Choose to call the dietitian or drop a message of concern in the chat box.
  • Also, check the “BOOK ONLINE CONSULTATION” option; it just needs one click.
  • Follow further process.
  • Then, fill in the information and submit it. Subsequently, the dietitian might call you to learn more about you.
  • Describe your goal and the concerns patiently.
  • Pay close attention to the diet plans and select the one that best meets your needs.
  • Once you purchase the plan, the dietitian will plan your diet accordingly.

Try It:

  • Download the app FITELO from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.
  • Register your account first. Then share a few details and purchase a plan.
  • Schedule a one-on-one counselling with the dietitian.
  • Discuss about your body analysis, medical history, routine, allergies, and your likes and dislikes.
  • And within no time get your customized diet plan.

Can An Online Dietitian Help Me Lose Weight?

Simply, Yes!

Not aware of how an online dietician can assist you in losing weight? Don’t be afraid.  An online dietician will not only help you lose weight but also change your lifestyle for the better.

Benefits of consulting a dietitian or nutritionist for weight loss online

  • Availability: The prime benefit is convenience. You can communicate at any time that is convenient for you.
  • Telephonic Counselling: An online dietitian counsels you from time to time. 
  • Customization: The dietitian will tailor your meal plan to fit your lifestyle based on your dietary preferences and habits. 
  • Comfort: A nutritionist can also provide you with quick tips and resources. Help you to deal in conditions like travel, holidays, or a hectic schedule that makes cooking difficult.
  • Added to this, an online dietician will be the best person to ask about particular myths and misconceptions or if you want to know what healthy goods to buy at the store.

Best Online Nutritionist For Weight Loss

Based on the history, skills, qualification, total work experience, and client testimonials, we have listed down the best Indian nutritionists for weight loss. 

1. Dt. Mac Singh – Best Nutritionist For Weight Loss

Nutritionist for weight loss

The founder of Fitelo, Dietician Mac Singh’s own weight loss journey, is an inspiration for all. The journey was full of difficulties, but he didn’t give up. In spite of the slip disc, Dt. Mac lost 62 kg with the knowledge he gained from following a sustainable diet. He has changed thousands of lives by suggesting natural foods.

Milestones, Fitelo has achieved so far:

  • 100+ dietitians, doctors, and mind coaches.
  • 15000+ Transformations.
  • 3000+ Reviews on Google and Facebook.
  • 5 lakh+ followers on Social Media.

Why choose Fitelo?

  • The multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietitians, and fitness trainers work together to create unique plans for you. 
  • On the whole, all the diet plans are natural.
  • Next, no medicines or supplements suggestion.
  • And your diseases and allergies, everything is considered.
  • Furthermore, with Fitelo you can carry the gym and a dietitian in your pocket. In brief we customise plans based on your specific needs.

Vision – Dt. Mac Singh works with a Vision to make health and wellness a part of everybody’s day-to-day routine.
Mission – Our mission is to make everyone in the world fitter and healthier from the comfort of their home or office.

Contact: 094028 50007


Book Free Consultation Now with the best online nutritionist in India.

2. Dt. Sapna JaySingh Patel

Cofounder of “Health before Wealth” Sapna JaySingh Patel started her journey by working in a fitness company, several health apps, and health centres. 

She believes in improving health conditions with the help of home-cooked food. No external supplements, even no meal replacement. She gives attention to natural and local food only. 

Along with the weight loss diet services, Dt. Sapna also deals with issues like PCOD, hypothyroidism, weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, etc. 

Contact: +91 72086 18889


3. Dt. Sushmaa Jaiswal

International awardee Dt. Sushmaa Jaiswal’s forte is identifying and correcting deficiencies. She has rich experience of more than 35 years and has won an International Award for best nutritionist for dealing with deficiencies and preventive Health Care. 

With her diet plan, She has changed thousands of lives, from young to old. Dt. Sapna customizes diet plans according to one’s lifestyle, regular diet, nutritional deficiencies, requirements, and health concerns. 

Contact: +91 9916833051, +91 9916833002


4. Dr. Geeta Shenoy

Geeta Shenoy is a registered dietician with Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Dr. Geeta is a famous dietitian, nutritionist, counsellor known for offering holistic nutritional guidance.

She is a famous Nutritionist and Dietitian in provides the best services in weight loss, weight gain, healthy heart diet, diabetes management, and diet for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Dr. Shenoy’s diet aims at overall nutritional correction with a comprehensive individual assessment.

Contact: 09820303783


5. Dt. Silky Mahajan

Silky Mahajan, the author of “Nutrition for Sportsperson,” is one of the few nutritionists in India to provide sports nutrition services to athletes. Dt. Silky used to work with athletes to prepare them for national and international events like the Asian Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics. 

She is an expert in sports and clinical nutrition and offers customised services in human nutrition, weight management, medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, hypertension, eating disorders, thyroid, PCOS, and corporate nutrition.

Contact: +917829999400

Website:, mail

Simple guidelines for good nutrition and weight loss

  • Healthy and balanced diet.
  • Lower the number of calories.
  • Eat smaller portions.
  • Proper water intake.
  • Replace sugar and see the results.
  • The way to a healthy lifestyle is a balance of physical activity, nutrition, proper diet, and sleep.

NOTE: Writing- ‘Healthy’ can’t make anything healthy. Therefore, before buying something, not only keep an eye on the ingredients but also have a count on the nutritional bar too. 

Points To Remember

Nutritionist for weight loss
  • We gain weight or become obese when our body ingest more calories than burn. And on the other hand, we lose weight when we consume fewer calories than we exert.
  • With that, unhealthy choices can create many other issues too, so just start eating appropriate foods. 
  • Weight loss is not such a hard thing. All you need is a healthy and balanced diet. From balanced diet, we mean food rich in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

Bottom Line

Although following rules and eating healthy portion sizes can help you lose weight, still it is better to consult a dietician or nutritionist to minimize any other potential risk. A dietitian or nutritionist may make better recommendations. One can inform you about the calories of food, alternative foods, and even how to cook food for optimal health. 

Moreover, along with healthy balanced diets, these habits can help you stay healthy:

  • Try to have 5 to 6 meals in a day rather than 3 large meals.
  • Have 7-8 glasses of water daily.
  • Eat lots of fiber-rich food.


What are the benefits of getting a Nutritionist for weight loss?

In this vivid life, far away from the thoughts of what is healthy and what is not. We keep eating mindlessly until we find ourselves in the gorge of diabetes, heart disease breathing issues etc. This is when we realize the need to consult a nutritionist.
So, here are the key points to tell you the benefits of nutritionist/dietitian. These are:

  • Encourage you to adopt healthier eating habits.
  • Help you achieve your health or weight loss goals.
  • Create customized healthier eating plans.
  • Suggest ways to improve your dietary choices.
  • Help you manage stress and sleep.
  • Regularly check up of your progress.

Fun Fact

Not only workout a day keeps belly fat away. These 1,2,3,4 modifications in lifestyle can change the gameplay. Cut out sugar, alcohol and stress. Be friendly with your gut and then see the magic.

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Build wellness rather than treating diseases. Eating better is the way to a healthy life. Hence, consult the right dietitian as per your needs. This article was to help you out with the basic queries. So, choose accordingly.

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