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Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Jul 2020

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It becomes exhausting for people who work overnight or night shifts, to contribute time to any physical activity or day-to-day life. Working night shifts will disturb your sleep cycle and also affects your health in the long run and also slow down your body transformation journey. One of the consequences is negative effects on the metabolism. With the body being drained of all energy, it is not surprising that people tend to gain weight. Irregular sleeping habits, reckless eating, and a disturbing biological schedule are the main reasons behind weight gain.

Today’s success story is similar to these challenges. One of our clients named Sudhir works on the night shift with a company. His company is in Chandigarh where stays alone and his family is residing in Patiala. Most of the time he spent his weekend in Patiala which means he has no time for performing any physical exercises, and no particular sleeping time also includes a lot of junk food. is well aware of all these health consequences but never had the push to start a weight loss journey.

Weight Loss and Body Transformation Journey of Sudhir

Sudhir has a busy and hectic night shift working hours lifestyle with absolutely no focus on fitness. Recently he connected Fitelo with all his weight loss queries and issues. Our dieticians’ team worked with him closely to understand his daily tasks and created a customized diet plan according to his lifestyle and food preferences.

We understood all of these challenges and managed to create a diet plan for him that could fit into his lifestyle. There were times when his weight got stuck and he felt demotivated. But he kept going. He kept following the regimen. Starting at a weight of 125 kgs earlier this year, Sudhir is at 89 kgs and he still keeps going with his suprising body transformation journey.

Remarkable Results with Fitelo

After being stuck for a few weeks, Sudhir lost 7 Kgs in the month of August from the comfort of his home by using our customized diet plan and our app Fitelo. Transformations do not happen overnight. Be patient and keep going even when there are phases of your weight being stuck.

For Sudhir, he is not going to stop. Having a strong passion for running and gym, Sudhir is ready to take it to the next level!! Hats off to you Sudhir, for giving us an opportunity to work with you. So, let’s wish him best for his weight loss journey.

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