Body Transformation In 30 Days (Top 5 Success Stories)

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Oct 2022

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For body transformation, there is no magic fix. To be and look healthy, you must eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s it.

Weight loss is not just meant to be following a diet that is restrictive, calorie deficit, no rice, no roti, or just shakes and smoothies. It’s a journey, you should enjoy without compromising your favorite food.

And at Fitelo, we always work on optimal health rather than just focusing on weight loss. In this article, we have enlisted our best 5 women’s weight loss success stories, who don’t only shed kilos, but with the customised diet plan, got rid of various health issues. Let’s read out and get inspired.

#1 Body Transformation: 8.8 Kg Gone In 30 Days With Health Issues

When life gives you 100s of health issues and illnesses, what do you do?

Well, Mandeep took our customised diet plan and is now living a disease-free life. Not only this, she lost major inches from her entire body.

weight loss with stress

How is this transformation different from the rest? Let’s read out:

The Journey Of Mandeep Body Transformation

Mandeep reached out to us with the desire of living a healthy and disease-free life. There were a lot of challenges in this journey as Mandeep had medical conditions like:

  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Bloating.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Severe migraine.
  • Cervical spondylitis.
  • Swelling in the pituitary gland.
  • PCOD.

Thus, what all we provided as part of our 7-month disease management plan:

  • Doctor consultation.
  • Mind coach.
  • Yoga trainer.
  • Dietitian.

The Result

Mandeep was on a high dosage of medications before. But with the help of a clean diet, she was able to reduce her 3 times of medication to just once a day.

Do you know what’s the best part? She does not need any sleeping pills to sleep now.

Despite all of these conditions, Mandeep’s positive outlook and our dietitian’s constant motivation brought a 360-degree change in her life. So, this is how our expert dietitians helped her to bring changes overall in a positive way.

#2 Body Transformation: Gurpreet From Delhi Lost 7.8 Kg In 30 Days

Age is not a bar when you really want to be fit.

body transformation in 30 days

Our client Gurpreet from Delhi is an inspiration for people who think that they are old enough to lose weight. Let’s read more about her.

After trying multiple things, from weight loss shakes to the gym, Gurpreet from Delhi joined Fitelo. She was not able to lose even a kilo after trying multiple things. But she was determined to achieve her weight loss goals.

Gurpreet is a hard-working woman, a working professional which often requires her to stand for long hours.

So, after consultation, our expert dietitian carefully created a diet plan for her and left nothing to chance. It was Gurpreet’s hard work and dedication to keep going. Gurpreet lost 7.8 Kg in just 30 days with simple home cooked meals without visiting any gym or taking any supplements.

#3 Body Transformation: Sonmeet Lost 8 Kg With Home Made Food

We have already told you, and we are saying it again. Weight management doesn’t only happen in gyms, consuming weight loss shakes and smoothies. It’s about a balanced diet and the right guidance.

body transformation

Sonmeet from Chandigarh also tried multiple things for weight loss but didn’t find the appropriate results. Therefore, in search of an expert dietitian, she reached out to us. After knowing everything about her, we aligned her with a dietitian and from here the journey began.

Weight Loss Journey Of Sonmeet

Sonmeet is a working professional, so keeping in mind her routine, lifestyle, working hours, and other conditions, we carefully created a diet plan for her. It was Sonmeet’s hard work and dedication to keep going.

With our customised diet plan, she lost 8 Kg in just 30 days. We just planned her simple home-cooked meals, no fancy diet, and no supplements.

So, this is how the right guidance works.

#4 Body Transformation: With NRI Plan, Roshni Lost 7 Kg In 30 Days

Roshni, a working woman from Australia, joined us concerned about her increasing weight. She is occupied with her job so much that she hardly gets time for herself. But with the help of our weight loss experts, she not only lost her weight but also managed a healthy lifestyle.

body transformation

In this era, when people give up on the way they look, Roshni was determined to achieve her weight loss goals. No doubt, there were a lot of challenges in this journey. Like:

  • Busy schedule
  • Stuck weight
  • Belly fat

Fitelo Role

Client’s demand = Fitelo’s command

  • Firstly, Roshni took Fitelo’s NRI plan, where we planned Roshni’s diet according to her lifestyle.
  • Also, she was just looking for homemade food and easy-to-cook meals, and we did the same. Also, she likes to eat chicken, eggs, etc which are easy to make. Also, she demanded to add at least 1 cup of coffee per day.
  • Apart from this, we made sure that the plan shouldn’t include roti and rice as our client wants the same.

The Reward

  • Roshni has maintained a healthy life despite being a working woman.
  • Gradually, she started noticing changes in her body and started feeling more energetic.
  • She was very hardworking. Also very particular and disciplined towards her diet. As a result, she has lost 7 kg weight in just 30 days only with the help of a diet. Many inches down from the whole body.

#5 Body Transformation: Aarti Shed 9 Kg In 30 Days With Diabetes

Who says miracles don’t happen? Who says you can’t lose weight with diabetes and cholesterol issues?

Fitelo is here to make things possible and even easy. Read out our client’s success story and get to know how changes happen.

weight loss with diabetes

Aarti reached out to us with a concern about increasing weight. Being an IT professional and a young mother, she has to work till late and has a highly hectic lifestyle.

So, we worked with her to create a customised diet plan. She understood how vital diet could be and started following the diet plan. We made her diet plan even more straightforward to manage.

Having a family history of diabetes and her increasing weight and cholesterol was a cause of worry for her.

Aarti lost 9 kgs in 30 days without visiting the gym or taking any medicines or supplements. We keep working with Aarti until she loses all those extra kilos and gets into a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Chole Kulcha Recipe (250 Kcal)

Chole Kulche; The best Indian snack cum breakfast options out there. But who says you have to eat only that 600 kcal chole kulcha from the market? And on a weight loss journey, obviously, high-calorie chole kulcha can be a big no. Not to fear, we are here with weight loss chole kulcha with just 250 kcal. Let’s watch out the video by Dietitian Mac and try this super delicious dish today.

Bottom Line

Health is the cornerstone of all happiness.

Studies have shown that those who are in a healthy weight range are happier than those who are obese. And if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, getting the right guidance and customised diet plan for weight loss can be effective. At Fitelo, we have transformed 25000+ lives with diet plans of our client’s choice and preferences. Apart from this, we also provide them with recipes with twists, healthy alternates, and a lot of cheat meals.

Contact Us

Where is the permanent solution? Here with us at Fitelo. So, start a weight loss journey with us. We focus on a holistic approach. No fancy food and restricted diets. We consider your medical concerns, food choices, preferences, cultures, locality, and all. We also plan homemade food with a healthy twist. Contact us today to start your healthy journey with us.


We have helped thousands of clients to get back in shape, whatever their medical concerns are.

  • Our dietitians always go through your medical reports and plan your diet as per your levels.
  • Your problems will be given priority to get fixed. And in this way, we focus on a holistic approach.
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