Bottle Gourd Benefits: 7 Lauki Benefits That Everyone Should Know

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Jun 2022

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Are you also a part of the ‘I-don’t-like-lauki clan? Whenever your mom makes Bottle gourd, you start despising your would-be meal?
In that case, just have a good read of all the bottle gourd benefits mentioned below. We want you to start loving lauki again!

Bottle Gourd In Hindi: लौकी, घीया

Bottle Gourd Scientific Name: Lagenaria Siceraria

1) Bottle Gourd Improves Digestion

Ghiya or lauki is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. It makes food easier to digest and travel through the intestines until it is eliminated from the body. As a result, it aids in the relief of indigestion and constipation issues.

2) Promotes Weight Reduction

bottle gourd benefits

Ghiya is an extremely low-calorie vegetable. A 100 g of lauki gives just 15 kcal! Not just calories, ghiya contains less than 1 g fat which is equivalent to 0%.! Hence, this makes bottlegourd the perfect weight loss vegetable!

3) Helps Get Rid Of Water Weight

A 100 g of lauki contains 92-96% water. Moreover, the amount of potassium in lauki is 150-170 mg which is a great amount. What about sodium? It is just 2 mg!
So, consuming lauki will flush out all the excess sodium-retained water weight from the body.

4) Treats Urinary Tract Infections

bottle gourd benefits

Ghiya acts as a diuretic and thus increases the frequency and volume of urination. It is alkaline in nature and thus, that helps to reduce the burning feeling in the urinary tract.

5) Excellent Food For Diabetics

Bottle gourd vegetable or lauki’s Glycemic index is just 15! This means that after consuming ghiya, sugar will be released into the blood at a very slow rate. Moreover, the fiber content of ghiya also further slows down the pace at which sugar will be absorbed, making it one of the best vegetables to consume for weight loss!

6) Bottle Gourd Benefits a Healthy Heart

bottle gourd benefits

Eating bottle gourd vegetable will keep your blood pressure in check due to its high potassium content, so it is good for people suffering from Hypertension. It also has high levels of Zinc, which protects the heart from oxidative damage and prevent coronary artery disease. Moreover, the magnesium present in ghiya manages and regularizes the heartbeat.

7) Bottle Gourd Reduces Body Heat

The water content of lauki makes it an excellent summer coolant. It hydrates the body in this scorching summer heat and keeps the gastrointestinal organs cool.

How To Utilize Bottle Gourd Benefits For Weight Loss (Bottle Gourd Recipes)

1. Bottle Gourd Juice: Fat-Burner Lauki Juice

  • Firstly, peel and cut the bottle gourd vegetable into small pieces.
  • Then put the pieces in a blender and blend until juice is obtained.
  • Add a pinch of cinnamon, black pepper, rock salt.
  • Finally squeeze a lemon on top of it and enjoy.

Consume this juice first thing in the morning for effective results.

Some Points To Keep In Mind While Making Lauki Juice

  • Do not mix other vegetables with lauki while consuming in juice form.
  • Do not consume bitter lauki or its juice at all. According to Ayurveda, bitter lauki must not be consumed in any form as it is toxic for the body when bitter.
  • Drinking ghiya juice in excess may lower blood sugar levels to extreme leading to hypoglycemia.

We have a lot of in-house recipes too, that you’ll love to check out. For isntance-

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5. Low Calorie Lauki Kheer Recipe

Some more healthy recipes of lauki are

  • Lauki Sabzi (the staple)
  • Lauki Thepla
  • Lauki Halwa
  • Ghiya Paratha


Specific chemicals found in bottle gourd, such as tetracyclic triterpenoid or cucurbitacin, might cause toxicity if taken uncooked. The toxicity can have a negative impact on digestion, causing stomach pain, intestinal damage, and other serious symptoms. So, make sure to check if the bottle gourd is not bitter before consuming it.

Yummy Recipes From Our Kitchen


If bottle gourd benefits made you go all wow over it, you will surely love reading about another amazing fruit, the juice of which is a summer staple in most parts of India- the one and only- Bael fruit!

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