Can’t lose weight because of your travel job? Read how Mohit did it

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Aug 2021

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Lost 15 Kg In 90 Days With Dramatic Inch Loss: Mohit, a professional with a travel job, from Chandigarh, approached us with an upward trend on the weighing machine and increased blood pressure levels. So, he was in dire need of a dietitian to help him.

 travel job

While scrolling through his social media he came across our FB page and was amazed at the way we approached health. This sealed the deal and he approached us. Like most other weight loss stories this one was a bumpy ride.

A major part of Mohit’s job requires him to travel a lot. While this could have taken a toll on his weight loss journey, he did not let it happen. Mohit would report back to his dietitian who would constantly work ways to keep him on his diet with the available options and he would strictly adhere.

Mohit’s journey with FITELO began due to elevated blood pressure levels which started to give him a lot of trouble.
On his checklist for choosing a dietitian, his very first determinant was someone who could help not just lose weight but also regulate his Blood pressure levels.
Owing to their years of experience in clinical nutrition, our dietitians devised the perfect diet plan to help him shed weight and also regulate his blood pressure.
Hence guys never underestimate the power of food😎.

Clients like Mohit who constantly travel, are likely to slip off their diet regime, however, Mohit placed complete faith in FITELO and followed our instructions even on the go. Our dietitian recalls him mentioning that he would carry his makhanas and almonds around for munching. The right guidance, the right mindset, and a healthy lifestyle are the trinity that helps you see the results you were always longing to.

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