Capsicum Chilla: A Healthy Green Breakfast For Weight Loss In This Summer

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Dec 2022

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capsicum chilla

Cooking Time

5 minutes

Total Time

10 minutes

  • Capsicum - 1 Cup
  • Coriander Leaves - 2 Strands
  • Green Chilies - 2
  • Salt as per tase
  • Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
  • Desi Ghee - 2 tsp
  • Running late for work or college? Or running out of ideas on what to make for a healthy quick breakfast for the family? Well, then try this capsicum chilla recipe that will save up your time and give you the energy to go ahead with your day. However, this super quick chilla recipe is very easy to make and also is super healthy to kickstart your day. Besides, this breakfast recipe will be loved by all your family members especially kids because of its amazing taste. So, let’s begin.

    How To Make Capsicum Chilla 

    Here is how you can make this easy nutritious breakfast:

    • Firstly, soak a cup of moong dal overnight.
    • Secondly, add the soaked lentil, water, a cup of freshly chopped capsicum, coriander leaves, and green chilies to a mixer and then grind it to form a chilla batter.
    • Once the batter is ready leave it for 5 minutes, then add salt and garam masala to it.
    • Now heat a pan, pour a tablespoon of desi ghee, and gently pour the mixture.
    • Furthermore, start circulating it into a thin round shape.
    • Let it cook on one side then flip it to another side to cook it.
    • Finally, your capsicum chilla is ready to be served hot with homemade chutney.

    Health Benefits of Capsicum Chilla 

    Here are a few amazing benefits of this recipe:

    • A 100-gram bell pepper has 0.17 of fat which makes it a great vegetable to have for weight loss.
    • Moreover, capsicum is also low on carb and low-calorie food which apart from weight loss can be really good for the heart and overall health.
    • Moreover, moong dal in this recipe contains 20-25% protein which is double the amount present in wheat and triple the amount in rice.
    • Capsicums are also a great source of healthy nutrients and vitamins such as A and C.
    • Therefore, this recipe is packed with health benefits and deliciousness.
    CTA ImageCTA Image

    Nutritional Value of Capsicum Chilla

    The nutritional value of this recipe is mentioned below:

    Nutrients Value Per Serving
    Protein 5.2 g
    Carbs20 g
    Calories156 kcal
    Fiber 4.2 g

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is Capsicum Chilla Good For Weight Loss?

    Ans. Surely, the fiber and protein content of this chilla recipe makes it perfect for weight loss.

    Q. Can We Eat Chilla Every Day?

    Ans. You can have it, and also try various chilla recipes for everyday breakfast as it’s one of the healthiest Indian breakfasts.

    Q. What Are The Other Type Of Chillas?

    Ans. You can also try these unique chilla recipes such as :

    Fun Fact

    Oats are also a very good alternative and an idle breakfast option. However, if you love oats then try this oats chilla recipe that tastes delicious and is loaded with fiber and protein goodness.

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