Cardio VS Strength Training , Myths About Cardio For Weight Loss

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Cardio - The biggest fat loss mistake

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When you perform traditional steady-state cardio you expend energy while you are exercising, but as soon as you stop your body will go back to its normal metabolic rate (stop burning calories). With strength training, you build more muscle, and more muscle helps burn more energy even after you have trained. You burn more energy than normal after strength training for up to 48 hours.
When you workout with strength training you force your muscles to break down its muscle fibre. For this fibre to return back to normal they need to rebuild and recover. They recover by using nutrients or stored nutrients (fat) to replenish them for the next 48 hours. This is why you burn more energy during that time.

Weight training also benefits your athleticism by involving all your muscles. When you perform compound movements during strength training, you not only use your prime movers but you also engage all of your small stabilizing muscles that don�t normally get used. This will then improve your overall athleticism.

A woman also thinks weight training will make them big and bulky. This is false.

A woman only have about one-tenth of testosterone that men have. Testosterone is the key component when it comes to muscle building. Instead of getting big and bulky women will tone up and get that defined look.

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