Jaspreet lost kilos having easy meals planned by our certified nutritionist

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Nov 2021

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Jaspreet weight loss

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10 Kgs Gone With Severe Low Blood Pressure!


Jaspreet Kaur, our client from Ontario, Canada, works as a security worker. She reached out to us when the concerns of her increased weight started bothering her. Fitelo’s team got her aligned with a certified nutritionist who took care of everything from planning her diets to keeping her motivated throughout the plan.

Jaspreet was a very supportive and dedicated client. She followed the diet religiously as the dietitian planned for her. The only thing she did not like was curd. So our certified nutritionist planned curd-free meals or replaced curd with a substitute in his diet.

Moreover, despite having severe low blood pressure, Jaspreet did not give up on her diet!

The certified nutritionist gave her basic, easy to prepare recipes that could fit in her tight schedule. Also, the diets planned were such that they did not lead to a drop in blood pressure.

Jaspreet’s efforts became fruitful in the end. She lost a total of 10 kgs, going from 80 down to 70 kilos! Also, since her major concern was to get rid of all the excess face fat, she was pretty satisfied with the results. We wish Jaspreet all the best for the future!

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