Inder’s Success Story With the Help of Our Certified Nutritionists

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Oct 2021

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Certified Nutritionists

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Lost 16kgs In 60 Days Inderpreet Singh from Bathinda was highly concerned about his increasing weight. To provide complete justice to our highly determined client, our certified nutritionists walked a mile in his shoes to understand what he likes, dislikes, eating behaviour, and most importantly his frequency.

Certified Nutritionists

Replace your excuses with efforts and watch your expectations become reality. Our recent weight loss success story serves as an example of this statement.

We recall him say that he wants to be fit and also is ready to go to any lengths to achieve the same. Moreover, the man stood by the promise he made which is why you read about him today.

This helped us plan the perfect weight loss diet plan for Inderpreet.

We include a wide variety of delicious weight loss recipes which left him satisfied and also helped him lose weight like a charm.

His diet was clubbed with an hour of workout and yoga routine every day, which he nailed every single day.

Every day he would strive to get better than his personal best and thus you see the results for yourself.

Clients always teach us something. So, if there’s anything we’ve learnt from Inderpreet it is to strive for progress and perfection shall follow.

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