CA’s Weight Loss Transformation With Cheat Meals

Sahil Bansal

Sahil Bansal
Aug 2021

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Cheat Meals

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11 Kgs Down In 90 Days with a lot of Planned Cheat Meals

Cheat Meals

Karamjit, a hardworking Chartered Accountant ( CA) from Jalandhar, reached out to us all worried about her increasing weight on the weighing machine. She approached us with the hope to come out healthier and fitter. That was along with the motivation to have cheat meals in her diet plan. Thus, her hard work, determination and constant guidance are what helped us get this far.

Why Did You Choose Fitelo As Your Weight Loss Partner?

Well…I am someone who can’t rely on working out as I had an injury and surgery that followed a few years back. Then, I came across a few posts on Dietitian Mac’s page which showed that diet alone can help you lose weight and remain fit and healthy. This made me feel confident and I reached out to them. So, they kept their promise. Also, I came down from 71 kg to 60 kg with just a healthy diet.

What Was Most Challenging About Your Journey?

Being a CA, my job requires me to remain on my toes constantly. I leave home at 8 am and come back at 7 pm, after which I have other things that require my attention. Thus, this leaves me with very little time for myself. But thankfully the dietitians at Fitelo understood my lifestyle and working pattern. So they planned a diet that fit my schedule perfectly and hence I was able to see results too.

What Did You Enjoy The Most About Your Journey?

That goes without saying – Cheat Meals. I was very happy when my dietitian told me that I would be able to have my favorite meals while on diet. And that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that I was able to see visible results while eating everything I liked.

Her Token Of Appreciation

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