Chicken Kali Mirch: Homemade Black Pepper Chicken Recipe

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Sep 2022

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chicken kali mirch

Cooking Time

50 Minutes

Total Time

50 Minutes

  • Olive Oil - 3-4 Tsp
  • Onion - 1 Medium Sized
  • Garlic Paste - 1 Tsp
  • Bone Less Chicken - 500 g
  • Black Pepper - 3 or 4 Tsp
  • Salt - 1 Tsp
  • Cumin Powder - 1/2 Tsp
  • Coriander Powder - 1/2 Tsp
  • Curd - 150 g
  • Coriander Leaves - As Required
  • Green Chili - 2
  • Bay Leaf - 1-2
  • Why visit restaurants and hotels and waste money on something when you can cook more healthily with the same flavor at home? Well, you must be wondering what recipe is been talked about here. So, bringing your surprise to an end, Fitelo, presents you with a delicious recipe of chicken kali mirch just a 5-star hotel type.

    You will love the flavors and enjoy the meal without any fear of gain in weight as it does not contain any harmful or weight-increasing ingredients. So, time to celebrate dinners with your family anytime, any day.

    How To Make Chicken Kali Mirch

    • Firstly, heat some olive oil in a pan and add bay leaf and finely chopped onions. Allow it to turn golden brown.
    • Secondly, add garlic paste, black pepper, salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, and chicken. Mix all the ingredients well and cover them to cook well.
    • Later on, add curd, stirring everything together, and continue to saute the mixture. Roast it finely until the gravy gets dried.
    • Then, add water and cover it with a lid. Cook for 20 minutes until the chicken is soft and absorbs the flavour of spices.
    • Remove the lid and wait until the oil separates and the curry gives a glossy texture.
    • Your chicken kali mirch is ready. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.


    • In this recipe, you can use chicken with bone or boneless, according to your choice.
    • You can add black pepper as per how strong and how much flavor you want to add to the chicken of it.
    • When the chicken is all cooked, cover it with a lid and set aside for 5 minutes.
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    Health Benefits Of Chicken Kali Mirch

    • Chicken is rich in vitamin B12 and choline which helps in the development of the brain.
    • Also, chicken is a good source of protein that helps build muscles.
    • Curd benefits in weight loss and gives you radiant and healthy skin.
    • Moreover, black pepper is rich in manganese which boosts metabolism and heals wounds.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How Beneficial Is Chicken For Diet?

    Ans. This can be very convincing for non-vegetarians. Chicken consists of 26 grams of proteins as well as 120 calories. Need we have to say more? You’re getting the taste as well as the protein.

    Q. Can I Include Chicken In My Salad Too?

    Ans. Surely! The best way to get the delicious taste of chicken and the goodness of vegetables in one bowl is by making a good salad. Don’t forget to add your favorite side sauce too.

    Fun Fact

    Punjabis are mostly fond of chicken and when they see chicken they do not want any other food to be around. Well, for them it is, however, difficult to leave non-vegetarian even if they want to lose weight. Fitelo does not ask you to leave your cravings but just replace an unhealthy recipe with a healthy one. So, here presenting you is the low-fat Dahi chicken with a healthy twist which you can eat with a free mind as it will not give you weight gain.

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    All recipes from Fitelo’s kitchen are devised to suit specific needs. And what may suit one condition may not be applicable to the other. However, always consult your nutritionist or dietitian before adding any of these recipes to your diet. Read More.

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