Sabka Manpasand Streetfood Now At Home: Try Our Chicken Momos Recipe

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
May 2021

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Chicken Momos

Cooking Time

25 minutes

Total Time

30 minutes

  • Garlic chopped - 5-6 cloves
  • Salt - As Per Taste
  • Wheat: Barley flour - 2 cups
  • Green chilies chopped - 2
  • Chicken mince - 1 cup
  • Spring onions with greens chopped- 2
  • Ginger chopped - 1-inch piece
  • The number one non-veg street food of every Indian is the most famous “Chicken Momos”.

    A cup of coffee and a platter of hot chicken momos. This combination is incredible! Momos are a tasty dish that is easy to make if you master the art of shaping the dumplings, especially when served with a hot sauce. Although we’ve used ginger, garlic, spring onions, and chicken mince in our recipe for chicken momo, you can experiment with the fillings based on how inventive you feel while making it. The steamed momos might also be advanced a step further and pan-fried if you prefer!

    Chicken Momos Recipe is a mouth-watering recipe that is a perfect swap to your street momos. Serve this momo along with chili garlic sauce.

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    How To Make Chicken Momos Recipe

    1. Combine flour and salt in a bowl and mix well.
    2. Then, add sufficient water and knead into a soft dough.
    3. Combine minced chicken, spring onions, ginger, green chilies, garlic, and soya sauce, and set aside.
    4. Divide dough into sixteen small portions shape them into balls and roll them out thinly.
    5. Put a teaspoon of the filling in the middle.
    6. Bring all edges together to the center, making small tight pleats.
    7. Pinch and twist the pleats to ensure that the momo is closed tightly steam in a steamer for about twenty minutes.
    8. Serve hot with fitelo style tomato garlic sauce or homemade mustard sauce.

    But, Is Chicken Momo A Good Option For Weight Loss?

    Yes!! You will be thrilled to know that homemade chicken momos are a great option to add to your summer diet plan for weight loss too.

    Whether momo is healthy or not seems to be the most happening topic. People who will eventually consume them have kicked this tasty, bouncy little fellow around a lot.

    There is no need for an argument in support of maida and MSG because that ingredient is the main reason why so many people believe that momo is unhealthy. Momos sold on the streets are probably unhealthy because, regrettably, their top concern is not your health but rather profit. 

    They use less expensive flour and MSG for flavor enhancement to create as many momos as they can, as cheaply as they can, and with the best taste ever.

    So, if someone says street momos are unhealthy, they are correct. But, saying chicken momos are unhealthy is completely false!

    If you only consume steamed wheat momos, chicken momos can be a part of your diet plan. But keep in mind to eat them as part of your meal, not in addition to it.

    It is regarded as a healthy choice if you practice portion control because it contains protein (chicken and paneer), vitamins, and minerals which are veg momos.

    Momos are a famous dish with several health advantages. It’s simple and delicious to prepare chicken momos. They are adaptable and a healthy choice for anyone looking for a filling meal because they can be prepared with a variety of fillings.

    Health Benefits Of Chicken Momos

    • Homemade chicken momos with weight loss properties loaded with vitamin B 12 and goodness of barley are power-packed with nutrients.
    • Green chilies enhance the absorption of vitamin C and, spring onions add flavor and also possess weight-regulating properties being dense in fiber.
    • Whole grain barley contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial plant compounds.
    • Chicken is an excellent low-calorie and also low-fat source of high-quality protein that provides important nutrients.
    • Chicken is also a source of dietary protein which benefits bone health.

    How Nutritional Momos Are?

    A plate of momos contains a range of nutrients that we also eat. For instance, a single portion of momos can give us the following vitamins and minerals:

    Chicken Momos

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    Bottom Line

    Everyone should consider the tasty and nutritious choice of momos. Chicken momos are regarded as a healthy meal, as are other types of dumplings. Because they are steamed, all of the minerals are kept, and you can make them however you like. Momos are a great option if you’re searching for something nutritious.

    Fun Fact

    A lot of fitness gurus often you to avoid this snack especially when you are trying to lose weight. They will ask you to stay away from these perceived unhealthy snacks and resort to soups and healthy salads

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How To Make Chicken Momos At Home?

    Ans. Simple ingredients which are easily available at home like Barley flour 2 cups, chicken mince, finely chopped ginger and garlic, green chilies, and spring onions. 

    Q. Are Chicken Momos Healthy?

    Ans. Yes. If you only consume steamed barley momos.

    Q. How To Make Chicken Momos?

    Ans. To cook delicious homemade healthy momos is quite easy and surely a treat to try. Check out Fitelo’s easy healthy recipe today.

    Q. Are There Different Types Of Momos?

    Ans. Top 6 Types Of Momos. 

    • Vegetable Momos
    • Cheese Momos
    • Vegetable Momos
    • Cheese Momos
    • Mutton Momos
    • Seafood Momos
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