Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding recipe

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Easy to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding recipe that can be the ultimate favorite choice for your kids and adults without compromising on their health.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding recipe
  • Cut the 2 -slices of bread into small crumbs.
  • Take a pan, heat the peanut butter 2- scoops, then add low-fat milk to make it into liquid form.
  • Check for consistency and add dry fruits.
  • Then, take out the mixture into a small glass
  • Set it into the fridge for half an hour
  • After half an hour, Take out the pudding, then add some cashew nuts (optional)
  • And, your chocolate peanut butter pudding is ready

Health benefits of Chocolate Peanut Butter pudding

  • Peanut butter is a great source of protein, antioxidants, and B complex vitamins.
  • It is also great for building stronger bones and muscles.
  • It also provides relief from constipation and heart ailments.
  • Also, dry fruits are rich in vitamins and proteins; they also boost immunity.
  • Brown bread is high in fiber and other nutrients thus improves the heart health.
  • It also keeps the sugar levels low thus helping in managing diabetes the right way.

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Please make sure to consume this Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding recipe under the guidance of a dietitian/nutritionist.



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