From Chubby To Fit Transformation- Checkout How Smriti Pulled It Off

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chubby to fit transformation

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chubby to fit transformation

Today’s weight loss transformation story is of Smriti. She is a PR and Client Servicing Manager👩‍💼 in Karol Bagh, Delhi. Smriti reached out to us worried about her increasing weight on the scale. She also wanted to regain her lost confidence and energy levels. So, let’s see how she aced her Chubby to Fit transformation!

The Challenge

There were not many challenges in her journey. It’s just that she had a super hectic schedule.🤯 So managing her diet and meals was a task for her. Nevertheless, she has been sweet💌 and also very adjusting throughout the whole journey.

Smriti’s Chubby To Fit Transformation

The dietician planned healthy filling meals for her. Smriti did not like Oats in milk🥛 or oats in curd. She also did not like Lauki and Tori, so we did not plan these things in her diet. Thus, all her meals🥙 were easy-to-prepare and quick, keeping her busy lifestyle⏰ in mind.

Our Reward

Smriti has been consistent throughout her journey🏃‍♀. She not just reached but also surpassed her goal in just 30 days! So total she lost a total of 7 kgs and major inches! 🥳


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