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Snehil Sharma
Dec 2022

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Cranberry Benefits

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A balanced diet includes fruits. However, if you’re busy in your work life and have no time for yourself then, you may find it difficult to have fruits every day. One of the easy ways to include fruits in your daily diet is to have them in a dried way. It is an easier and more convenient way to get your recommended daily serving of fruits. But no matter if you are having this fruit dried or in any way. Cranberry benefits you with many health advantages. Many times, cranberries are often considered on holiday menus, typically in the form of sauces, juices, etc., but most people take these red bright berries for granted. Cranberry benefits have fantastic health advantages if added to your regular diet. 

Can we call cranberries a super healthy food? 

Yes, we can call them miracle fruit or a gem-like gleaming ball of health. The fact is that the fruit is high in medical properties that are crucial to keeping the overall health and fitness level up. As far as the health advantages of foods are concerned, cranberries feature among the top in the list due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. Let’s have a quick look at the nutritional profile of cranberries which includes an astonishing array of nutrients:

Cranberry Nutrition Facts

Raw and fresh cranberries are loaded with natural carbs and fiber to contribute to your health. Let’s have a look at the nutrients present in 100 gm or 1 cup of fresh, raw, and unsweetened cranberries.

Cranberry Nutrition value 100g Content Following: –

Cranberry Benefits Nutritional Value

9 Effective Cranberry Benefits

Cranberries are delicious, but that’s not the only positive property it has. To have a better understanding, let’s dive deep & learn more about this fruit’s nutrition and wondrous cranberry health benefits.

1. Cranberry Benefits to Lower the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

The presence of polyphenols in cranberries that possess anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are well known to lower hypertension. The condition that increases blood pressure is known to contribute to creating excess platelets in the body. This is a primary cause of heart disease and a big contributor to cardiovascular problems. So, the regular consumption of cranberries is an easy, simple, and tasty way to reduce heart problems.

2. Cranberry Benefits in Reducing Risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Cranberries also possess another crucial nutritional element called PACs or proanthocyanidins. These are antioxidants that stop unwanted bacteria from sticking to the walls of your urinary tract. In our body, we have both good and bad bacteria in our system. UTI is a bad bacteria that causes various forms of urinary infection. Also, Urinary Tract Infection is one of the most painful infections.  Thus, the consumption of PACs, found in cranberries and unsweetened cranberry juice, can fend off these infections.

3. Cranberry Benefits Reduces The Chances of Breast Cancer and other Forms of Cancer

It is true to say that there is no one way to fend off the development and spread of cancer. But eating healthy right from childhood can surely be helpful. Various studies show that those who consume dried or any kind of cranberries on a regular basis have been found to have reduced exposure or risk of developing a cancerous tumor. The presence of nutrients in cranberries is also known to slow down the progress of existing cancer. 

CTA ImageCTA Image

4. Cranberry Benefits Oral Hygiene

Just like the PACs property in cranberries stops bacteria from sticking to your urinary wall. In a similar way, cranberries prevent tooth-decaying bacteria from sticking to teeth. This overall improves oral hygiene by making teeth and gums stronger. Also, it prevents other problems like bad breath and gum bleed.

5. Improves Renal Function

If you have ever experienced kidney or gallbladder stones? Believe it, this pain is awful, and you would do anything to avoid this pain in the future. This pain is excruciating and often intolerable. But cranberries are loaded with citric acid that can prevent you stay away from kidney and bladder-related complications. The presence of this citric acid is a key element in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

6. Cranberry Benefits in Weight Loss

The average adult burns about 1500-2000 calories per day. The number of calories an individual burns depends on many factors like gender, age, lifestyle, exercise regime, etc. You might be surprised to know that eating less is not equivalent to shedding calories. Accumulated calories in the body will eventually convert into fat and add to your body weight. It is thus good to consume food portions that are not high in calorie content.

7. Cranberry Benefits to Have Flawless Skin

Cranberries are rich in amino acids and hydroxyproline. These acids help your body to collagen. The latter is a critical component and thus helps your body to keep your skin soft and young. Also, cranberries keep your skin hydrated.

8. Solves Hair Problems

Cranberries are rich in Vitamins C and A. Even this fruit can be the answer to your hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. The presence of antifungal and antiseptic properties of the fruit prevents drying of the scalp. This is the main cause of dandruff and oily hair. So always consider dried or normal cranberries in your regular diet to avoid such issues. 

9. Cranberry Benefits in Reducing Gastric Problem

Many dietitians recommend the consumption of at least 25 gm of dietary Fiber in your daily diet. To complete this dietary need, cranberries are a perfect source fulfill these nutrients. Also, these Fibers lower comorbid factors like gastrointestinal problems, diabetes nerve problems, etc.

Cranberry Side Effects

Cranberry is a commonly used food and is mainly used in salads. But many people are allergic to this fruit. If you ever get signs of allergic reactions for example swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, difficulty in breathing, etc.  

Immediately, stop using cranberry and inform your healthcare provider at once if you have:

  • continued abdominal pain and a sense of burning when you urinate
  • vomiting, severe stomach pain
  • signs of a kidney stone
  • painful urination, colour change of urine into pink or red
  • nausea, vomiting, etc. 

The above list is not a complete list of cranberry side effects. Talk to your physician about finding any unwanted signs or symptoms and take medical advice. 

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Bottom Line

Cranberries are fruits that are called a powerhouse of antioxidants and also have several health benefits. This fruit is a magical fruit due to its countless benefits such as its extract may help fight antibiotic resistance. And even for skin, its pulp has jaw-dropping results. Cranberries could become a blessing for oily and acne-prone skin. Thus, you can maximize its health advantages by incorporating frozen, fresh, or dried cranberries into your regular meals in the form of juice, salad, sauce, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Does Cranberry Do for the Body?

Ans: Many various studies have shown that the presence of nutrients in cranberries can help you in preventing urinary tract infection (UTI), aiding certain types of cancer, improving immune function, and decreasing blood pressure.

Q: Is Cranberry Good to Take Every Day?

Ans: This fruit has many health advantages but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Due to its high in sugar and being a poor source of dietary fiber, excess cranberry consumption should be unhealthy. 

Q: What are the Disadvantages of Cranberry?

Ans: Common side effects include stomach or abdominal upset, Diarrhea, and Kidney stones. Also, increased the risk of cancer. 

Q: Why is Cranberry Good for Females?

Ans: It helps women’s health to ease PMS symptoms, preventing osteoporosis, and reducing signs of aging.

Q. Is it Okay to Consume Dried Cranberries Daily?

Ans: Yes, you can have dried cranberries daily. Due to its high nutritional value. 

Q. Can Dry Cranberries Solve Hair Problems?

Ans: Yes, because cranberries are full with vitamins that aid you from dandruff and hair fall.

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