Crunchy lollipop recipe

Japleen Kaur
Japleen Kaur
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This crunchy lollipop recipe is easy to make and can be a perfect snack for your gloomy evenings.

Crunchy lollipop recipe
  • Squeeze Nutri nuggets, squeeze out water.
  • Churn in a mixer with all the things except egg or whole wheat flour paste.
  • Make into cutlets and insert an ice cream stick (can do this pre-preparation a day before).
  • Apply egg or whole wheatpaste on the lollipop and air fry.
  • Serve with homemade tomato dip.

Health benefits of Crunchy Lollipop

  • Soya chunks pack numerous benefits and enable faster muscle building and metabolism.
  • Also, they efficiently lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and protect the heart from ailments.
  • They also soya chunks stop excess fat from accumulating around the organs, thus promoting weight loss.
  • Also, the soya chunks are loaded with fiber, thus allowing the food to pass slowly from the system and keep you full for longer.
  • Soya chunks are a rich source of protein and, their protein content is higher than chicken breast.

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