What Is Cutting Diet Plan And Important Tips To Take Care Of?

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Cutting Diet plan

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Looking for a lean body but do not know how to get it? Well, then your search gets over here. Presenting you a cutting diet plan which will not just give you the body you want but will also, provide you with other benefits.

However, to be clear, a cutting diet plan is completely different from a normal weight loss plan. If there is an event coming, then just prior to 2 months you can start working out on your body in a cutting diet. It shall not be more than 4 months though.

Now what exactly is this diet about, what shall be eaten, when shall it be started, etc. are all mentioned right below. So, let us continue reading to know all about it.

What Is A Cutting Diet Plan?

People who are fitness enthusiasts surely would know about bodybuilding cutting diet. However, bodybuilders, sportspersons, fitness models, etc. often follow this diet as it helps them get leaner quickly.

But here the question is can a cutting meal plan help you achieve your fitness goals? Well, as the name suggests, it cuts down on your diet and helps you shed that extra body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Cutting diet meal plan focuses on cutting calories while remaining high on proteins, closely balancing the intake of fats and carbohydrates. 

The result is a leaner physique, gain in muscle, and a well-toned body but people also, need to include resistance training and weightlifting into their daily routine to get that perfect shape.

Cutting Diet Plan Timing and Frequency

Note that cutting diet plans are not long-term diet plans but last for 2-4 months normally before occasions for which you wish to tone your body. 

Similarly, in the case of bodybuilders. They start doing this diet just before competitions, models and fashion influencers go for a bodybuilding shred diet before an important photo shoot or glam event.

How Does Cutting Diet Plan for Bodybuilders Work?

A cutting meal plan is a customized plan for each individual depending upon the actual requirement. 

An expert dietitian and a fitness trainer make a plan for you and chalk out a shed diet to meet your fitness goals.

However, while following this diet plan you need to take care of the below points:

1. Monitoring Calorie Intake

While on this diet, you have to make sure that you monitor the intake of calories as the consumption of fewer calories will lead to fat loss.

However, the total number of calories you consume each day should be directly linked to weight, height, gender, exercise routine, and overall lifestyle.

A cutting diet plan for weight loss on average recommends a calorie deficiency of 500-1000 calories per day. While opting for a higher calorie-deficient diet will expedite weight loss but will lead to muscle loss too. 

2. Calculating Protein Intake

A high protein intake is important for all diets because it is the crucial building block required for muscle growth and recovery.

Moreover, a diet high in proteins ensures greater strength, endurance, and gain in muscle mass.

3. Calculating Fat Intake

Fats are an extremely important part of a bodybuilding-cutting diet plan. In fact, 30% of the daily calories in a cutting diet plan must be from fats because fats are important for hormone production. 

However, diets that are low in fats slow down the production of hormones like testosterone and growth hormone which further, help preserve muscle mass.

4. Calculating Carbohydrate Intake

It’s the carbohydrates that keep the body going because carbohydrates are converted into glucose which is then used as energy.

If the intake of carbohydrates is low, the body will burn stored fats to generate energy and if the body fats are also low, it derives energy by burning muscle mass. 

Therefore it is important to maintain adequate levels of carbohydrates to preserve muscle loss in a bodybuilding-cutting diet plan. 

Watch this video by Dietitian Mac and know a simple trick to building muscles!

Helpful Tips for Crafting a Healthy Cutting Diet Plan

Protecting muscle loss is the key to a healthy-cutting diet plan and so, to get the proper results follow the below tips.

  • Choice of Carbohydrates: Make sure to add fiber-rich foods to your diet to do a proper intake of carbohydrates.
    For example, you can include non-starchy vegetables because they are high in nutrients and help stay fuller for longer. 
    Also, opt for low Glycemic index foods brown basmati rice, and whole grains instead.
  • Avoid Liquid Carbs: Carbohydrates are important, but liquid carbs are an absolute no. 
    Therefore, you should avoid sugary drinks, colas, and other beverages that contain a high amount of artificial sugar. Instead, you can choose a healthy shake or a smoothie by Fitelo.
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is important in a cutting diet because it makes you feel full and speeds up your metabolism. So, you can drink water as it is the best drink to have as it has no calories and artificial sweeteners. 
  • Keep Your Meals Prepared Beforehand: You can prepare your meals beforehand as it may increase the temptation of unhealthy eating. So, prepare your meals ahead of schedule to keep on track.
  • Cardio Workouts: Try to do high-intensity workouts while following a cutting a diet plan. You can, however, do weightlifting, aerobics, and resistance training as it will help you lose body fat at a faster pace.

What To Eat In Cutting Diet Plan?

So, the body you want by following the cutting diet plan you can of course get, but by adding the below foods to your diet.
Also, take care of the tips mentioned to you above.
Let us start.

Early Morning1 Glass Lemon Water + 10 Soaked Almonds
Breakfast5 Or 6 Egg Whites Scrambled + Sauteed Veggies + 1/2 Cup Oats Milk Without Sugar
Mid Morning1 Scoop Whey Protein
LunchGrilled Chicken Breats/Grilled Paneer With Leafy Green Veg Salad + 1 Boiled Sweet Potato
EveningAny Fruit Except Banana, Cheeku, Mango, Grapes
Post Workout1 Scoop Whey Protein
Dinner1 Plate Steamed Veggies + Chicken/Paneer Tikka With 1/2 Cup Rice
Bed Time1 Glass Milk + 2 Tsp Esabgal

You can download this cutting diet plan PDF here:

Other Diet Sample Idea

This is just another idea for you for a one-day meal.

Breakfast Options 

  • Wholegrain porridge with fresh fruits and a glass of protein shake
  • 4 egg whites with 2 slices of whole wheat bread 
  • Ham, mushroom, and spinach frittata
  • Shake with banana, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, water + honey 
  • Whey protein pancakes

Morning Snack Options

  • Banana 
  • Any single piece of seasonal fruit 
  • A handful of berries, grapes, or strawberries 
  • A handful of nuts 

Lunch Options

  • Brown rice with chicken and broccoli 
  • Brown rice with extra lean ground beef and cauliflower 
  • Chicken wrap with tomatoes, cucumber, and a handful of olives 

Post-Workout Snack Options

  • Apple and almond butter 
  • A handful of almonds 
  • Yogurt 

Dinner Options

  • Tuna steak, two sweet potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus
  • Chicken burger with whole wheat bread + fried egg 
  • A chicken stew cooked with quinoa and beans 
  • Singapore noodles
  • Brown rice with beef stir-fry
  • Low-calorie chicken korma cooked in yogurt 

Other foods to add to the diet

  • lean meat and poultry, oily fish, and eggs
  • milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheese
  • protein powders such as whey, hemp, rice, and peas
  • beans and pulses
  • nuts and seeds
  • avocados, olive oil, and olives
  • whole grains such as brown rice and pasta, oats, whole grain bread, barley, and quinoa
  • different colored fruits and vegetables
  • leafy greens

Cutting Diet Plan vs Weight Loss Plan

Conventional weight loss plans are totally different from a cutting diet. 

In a weight loss diet plan, there is a cutting down of calories and carbs intake to lose weight. While in the cutting diet plan, the number of calories remains high and varies from person to person. Moreover, in cutting diet plan the intake of carbohydrate and protein are relatively much higher.

Also, weight loss plans work best in the long run as they help lose weight initially, and then a sustained and regular eating pattern helps maintain the ideal weight. 

On the other hand, a cutting diet plan is a short-term plan followed before the occasion to shed that extra fat and get a leaner physique that lasts a maximum of 4 months.

A Quick Short Recap On Cutting Diet Plan

Cutting diet plans do have the benefits of immediate fat loss without losing the all-important muscle mass. 

However, if you want a cutting diet plan then instead of starting on your own consult a dietitian and a trainer who can guide you well and with proper knowledge.

Fun Fact

While following a cutting diet plan it is important to do the intake of protein. And when we say protein, eggs come to mind. But usually, people discard the yolk thinking it is unhealthy but in reality, they are discarding all the important nutrients also. 
Click here to know what are you missing out by not eating the yolk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cutting Diet Plan Help In Weight Loss?

Yes, it does help in weight loss along with an increase in m muscles.

For How Many Days You Should Follow Cutting Diet Plan?

This is usually for 3 to 4 months and started just before the occasion you want the body for.

Which Is The Best Cutting Diet Plan?

The best diet plan should include the balanced calories, fats, protein, and other important nutrients required for a lean body. However, consulting a proper dietitian and a trainer is recommended.

Is It Possible That You Download The Cutting Diet Plan Pdf Online?

Yes, it is possible. Click here to download it now.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy as well as Enjoy a long happy life

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