Our Pre Diabetic Diet Plan helped Shourya From Varanasi Lose 7 Kgs!

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Apr 2022

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Who says that diet alone cannot cure diseases? 
Read this story to see how one of FITELO’s clients went from being pre-diabetic to non-diabetic in just 45 days after taking our pre diabetic diet plan.

Our star client this time is Shourya. She is an Amazon professional who hails from Varanasi. She reached out to us concerned about being on the higher side of her BMI. Shourya was also worried about being pre-diabetic.

Her Struggles

• Shourya had a super-hectic schedule because of her office work.

• She was prediabetic too, so she had a constant fear of crossing that thin line of becoming a diabetic. Plus, her diet had to be planned with so much precision because of her prediabetic stage.

• Moreover, she was allergic to honey and peanuts.

Role Of Fitelo’s Pre Diabetic Diet Plan

Our dietitian planned a purely vegetarian pre diabetic diet for her, making sure that all her nutritional requirements are fulfilled. She loved having fast foods too, so we included yummy cheat meals on a regular basis while making sure we are maintaining a healthy balance.

Our Reward

Shourya lost 7 kgs in just 45 days along with a lot of inches! In addition, her HBA1C (diabetes) levels are back to normal! She still has a long way to go. Just halfway in the middle of the diet, Shourya went from being pre-diabetic to non-diabetic.

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