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Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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18 Kgs Gone In 180 Days: Dr. Tareeka is a hard-working professor from Navi Mumbai. She approached us with her weight gain concerns. Being a working woman, Dr Tareeka finds herself juggling between home and work. So, she wanted a diet consultant for herself. This leaves her very little time for herself.

Diet Consultant

Just like any other fat-to-fit transformation story, this one had its fair share of challenges. Which were welcomed with open arms😎

Challenge 1- Prediabetic And Spondylitis

Dr Tareeka was pre-diabetic when she first approached us. She also suffers from Spondylitis, because of the long work hours that come with her job. She was very concerned about her condition.
We planned a perfect diet prioritizing her pre-diabetic and spondylitis conditions. Yet again food power prevailed. Thus, Dr Tareeka managed to regulate her blood sugar levels to normal and also says that she has got relief from Spondylitis pain.

Challenge 2- Working Hours

As mentioned above, Dr Tareeka is a professor. Her job requires her to be on her toes constantly. So, after walking a mile in her shoes, our dietitians planned diets for her that fit into her busy day. Thus, this helped lower those blood sugar levels, and also made her the star of this transformation story.

Challenge 3- No Detox In Diet

Dr Tareeka enjoys an outing once in a while. Her weight loss diet plan included the perfect blend of healthy and nutritious meals. So while enjoying her favorite foods she was losing weight. And also regulating her blood sugar levels and reducing Spondylitis. 😍

Moreover, all this with just the right food and the right guidance.🤗

So, what’s your excuse for not joining?😉🤔

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