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15 Kgs Gone With Pcod And Hypothyroidism with the help of our diet experts

Diet experts

Someone has rightly said –‘Consistency is the key to success.’ Our client Sumeet is the perfect example of this. Sumeet is a housewife from Delhi. She approached us when she could no longer resolve the multiple issues she suffered from, which made her put on a lot of weight. FITELO’s diet experts showed her the way. She got herself enrolled in the weight loss diet plan.

Sumeet had several health issues. To begin with, she had hypothyroidism. Add to that, she suffered from PCOD, both of which make weight loss very difficult. So, if you feel that it is difficult to lose weight with these issues, then here is another problem she had- Migraine. Moreover, Sumeet had recently recovered from COVID.

Despite all these issues, not once did Sumeet lose hope and faith in the diet experts’ capabilities. Because of her migraine, our diet experts could not plan a strict diet for her. Only simple recipes like kadhi-rice, and rajma-rice were planned for her throughout the diet period, all of which were as per Sumeet’s preferences and likes. Her metabolism became very slow after recovering from COVID. This also stood as a roadblock in her weight loss journey.

Since Sumeet had a little child, she could not do many exercises, so she would only walk for some time in her room.

All of these issues could not stand a chance in front of our diet experts’ hard work and her consistency and will. And finally, Sumeet lost 15 kgs! We congratulate Sumeet on achieving her target weight.

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