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diet for breastfeeding mothers

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Gurpreet, from Australia, is a lovely homemaker. Looking after the needs of her family and always being there for them keeps a mother busy the whole day and time. But in the process, taking care of her health took a backseat. She desperately wanted to lose weight with healthy food. And also searched for a diet for breastfeeding mothers, online.

Gurpreet has also recently given birth to her little one. Thus, she was worried about how to lose her extra kilos. This was also the time when her thyroid symptoms deteriorated. Then, she turned to FITELO and the rest is history.

Our dietitians worked closely with her. Moreover, they planned a diet with a variety of foods. Special care was taken to ensure that-

  1. We included High energy foods
    Being a lactating mother, her energy requirements were much more than a normal dieter. Hence energy-dense foods were incorporated into her diet.
  2. Foods were given to reduce her thyroid symptoms were reduced.
    Our dietitian planned foods that helped reduce her thyroid symptoms. And also helped her in losing weight.
  3. Foods that enhance breastmilk production were provided.
    With a drop of 18.8 kgs and a reduction in thyroid symptoms. It also helped her increased breastmilk production. Thus, Her strong willpower and constant guidance from our end helped us graph the results you see today.

And, like we always say, there is nothing a healthy lifestyle can’t fix. 😉


Are you a new mother? And also looking for a diet for breastfeeding mothers. So, Contact us today if you are looking for a Diet Plan with cheat meals. Also, to discuss how we can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.




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