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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Apr 2022

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Do you also rely on Dabbalife products for your health? Then this story is a must-read for you. Read how Priyanka, a teacher from Patiala took FITELO’s diet plan consultation and lost weight while transforming her health and lifestyle.

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The Struggles

  1. Priyanka had a huge amount of stress in her life.
  2. She had already taken Herbalife products and reduced weight. But when she stopped having those, her weight bounced back and she regained all the unhealthy flab and health problems.
  3. Her metabolism was completed damaged because of the packed weight-loss disasters she was taking.
  4. She had a hectic schedule throughout the day because of her teaching role.

How The Diet Plan Consultation Helped Her

Priyanka is a pure vegetarian. So, our dietitian planned easy-to-cook delicious vegetarian recipes for her. All the recipes were readily available on FITELO’s recipe database.

She required great motivation to follow the diet plan thoroughly. So our dietitian would keep a regular follow-up schedule for her.

The Outcome

Her dedication and will gave amazing results as Priyanka lost 16 kgs in just 90 days! Not only this, she reduced a lot of inches and fat off her waist, thigh, and arm area via the diet plan consultation.

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