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Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Jul 2020

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Today’s story is about how our diet plan for fat loss was able to help a gym enthusiast Gurmukh Singh. What makes us happier is Gurmukh joined us after seeing his friend’s Aman Dhindsa transformation journey with Fitelo. We at Fitelo appreciate every individual that we have helped in transforming their life. We are grateful for each individual that we have worked with and for their testimonials and word of mouth Fitelo is able to transform more lives.

Moreover, Gurmukh’s job requires him to wake up at 3 am, and sometimes he is traveling for 6 days straight. He barely got time for meal planning, and even after hitting the gym, he was unable to reduce his fat loss percentage.

Body Transformation Journey Of Gurmukh Singh

  • Gurmukh Singh from California reached out to us after watching his Best friend, Aman Dhindsa Success Story.
  • Gurmukh is a gym enthusiast who loves bodybuilding so he asked for our assistance to help him reduce the fat percentage while ensuring the muscle is retained.
  • But he was a bit reluctant as Aman and his body type are totally different and the same thing won’t work for him what worked for Aman.
  • We understood all of these obstacles and curated a diet plan for fat loss for him that is specifically to burn fat and retain muscle weight.

How Fitelo Diet Plan For Fat Loss Helped Gurmukh Singh

  • Our team of dieticians worked with him closely to understand his lifestyle and created a customized diet plan according to his everyday routine and food preferences.
  • Gurmukh was not only able to retain his muscles but went ahead and lost 7 kgs in 30 days with a cheat meal every week.
  • Moreover, Gurmukh with his late night shifts and traveling. It was never easy for him.
  • Even with such a busy schedule, Gurmukh has managed to pull out such an awesome transformation.
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Fun Fact

Did you know? The majority of Indians are Vitamin D deficient. The role of Vitamin D is not limited to weight loss only. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious consequences such as weak immunity, weak bones, and muscle loss Read More.

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