Diet Plan for Teens: Kyuki Apke Ghar Ke Chirag, Fitelo Ki Zimadari Hai!

Rebekah Pais

Rebekah Pais
Jan 2023

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Diet plan for teens

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Yeh un dino ki baat hai jab diet plan for teens in the 90’s hoti thi – tiffin box mei roti sabzi aur khoob sara maa ka pyaar.

However, in the era we’re living in today, there are canteens, and of course, Zomato, and Swiggy, for their meals.

Daughter: “Mummy aj mei Sirf salad kahungi kyuki mera diet chalu hai”.
Mummy: Yeh tumhari umar hai diet ka?
Daughter: Mom! I have to look suitable for the beauty pageant!!

Diet plans for teens have changed massively as per the “rules” of youngsters. And, it gets tricky for Mothers to give the right “पौष्टिक खाना”, to their young ones, convincing them to eat sabzi roti.

Depending on their age, stage of development, as well as gender, teenagers need anywhere between 2,000 and 3,020 kcal and 40 to 62 g of protein per day for healthy growth.

If you’re struggling with the right diet plan for your day-to-day routine, and immunity.

Let Fitelo guide you!

What Is A Healthy Diet Plan?

A balanced diet is a typical component of the overall growth and development of a child. A wholesome diet should comprise vital vitamins, minerals, as well as other nutritional goodies in the right amounts for the body to function properly.

Most parents understand that nutrition is important for their children’s health, but only a few understand the long-term value of investing in healthy eating habits in their children at a young age. Moreover, several types of research prove that imparting an early fondness for a balanced diet offers perks for a lifetime.

The idea in general is to strike a balance between giving teens an interesting variety of food with nutrients in the right quantities to help maintain healthy body weight. The diet should cover whole grain cereals, the main source of energy, fiber, as well as essential vitamins.

Why Are Diet Plan For Teens Important?

The teenage years are a critical time for healthy eating because body changes have an impact on a person’s nutritional and dietary requirements. Teenagers are growing increasingly self-reliant as well as making a lot of their own eating decisions. Moreover, many teenagers go through a growth spurt, which increases their hunger and necessitates the consumption of nutritious foods.

Compared to younger children, teenagers typically consume more meals away from home. Their classmates have a big impact on them, too. Many teenagers prioritize meal convenience, and as a result, they consume excessive amounts of unhealthy items including processed foods, soft drinks, and fast food.

Additionally, dieting is a major worry for many teenagers. Girls may experience peer pressure to maintain their weight as well as restrict their food intake. Girls and boys can both take up a good weight gain diet plan to increase some good pounds for a certain sporting or social occasion, accordingly.

When preparing meals for your teen, keep the following in mind:

Encourage and support teens’ interest in health, cooking, or nutrition by giving them teen-focused periodicals or books with food-related content. You can also arrange for teens to learn about nutrition on their own.

  • Consider their recommendations for meals to cook at home, if at all possible.
  • Try some foods from cultures other than your own.
  • Have a variety of wholesome snacks accessible. Teenagers often eat whatever is available.
  • Don’t bring things that you don’t want your teenagers to consume at home.

Healthy Meal Habits To Include In Diet Plan For Teens

Why stop with just a diet plan when you can also adapt a few good habits? If your teen is on the unhealthy side or is overweight, check out these habits to help them overcome the unhealthy way of living.

1. Breakfast Is a Daily Requirement. 

Carbohydrates are used by the brain as a fuel source. Teenagers must eat breakfast because their carbohydrate reserves are depleted after an overnight fast. It makes it easier for them to focus. Additionally, it prevents them from eating unhealthy meals in the middle of the morning. Add a healthy breakfast like chole poha.

2. Veggies And Fruits

Teens must consume five servings of fruits and vegetables daily because they are rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants that are vital for maintaining healthy skin and general health.

3. Dairy Products 

The teenage years are characterized by a high calcium accumulation in the bones. So, add 2-3 servings of milk and other dairy products to your diet. Ensure that your adolescent consumes more calcium-rich foods such as sesame seeds, soybeans, ragi roti, cauliflower, greens, and almonds.

4. Dried Fruits

Allow your teen to carry some dried fruits and nuts in her purse, like roasted chickpeas (chana), dates, figs, and almonds. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or other junk food when they are hungry. They can rather munch on these nutritious substitutes.

5. Right Protein Intake

The teenage years are a time of rapid growth and development, so there is a strong demand for protein during this time. Each meal should contain at least one serving of foods high in protein, such as pulses, sprouts, healthy eggs, meat, fish, poultry, and soy.

6. Less Intake Of Salt

Teenage hypertension has significantly increased in recent years. Ask your teen to stay away from table salt and foods with a lot of salt. Mostly for fries or food items like fruit salad.

7. No Fried, Junk Food

Ask your teen to stay away from fried and ready-to-eat snacks because they often contain no additional nutrients and tend to be quite high in calories and salt.

8. Say No To Aerated Drinks

Energy drinks, carbonated beverages, iced coffee, and cold tea all contain a lot of calories. Therefore, your teen should choose fresh fruit juices, and creamy buttermilk when out with pals.

9. Less Sugar

Limit their intake of ice cream, cakes, and chocolates because they are high in calories. One dish of these should be saved for birthdays and other special occasions.

1- Week Immunity Boosting Diet Plan For Teens

Acha khana khilao, acha sehat banao!

  1. It’s not the age-old karela and rotis, but really yummy food. Check it out!
Diet plan for teens

2. Try the amazing immunity drink for your teens.

Diet plan for teens
Immunity Drink – One-inch ginger, 2 pods of black pepper, 2 cloves, 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder, 1/2 tsp of caraway seeds, grind all this, as well as brew in water properly, After 15 minutes (Apple and 1 orange

3. Boring khana nahi, yummy ghar ka khana is all we provide.

Diet plan for teens

4. Check out the amazing deal with every plan we offer, filled with nutrition as well as tasty ingredients.

Diet plan for teens
Immunity Drink – One-inch ginger, 2 pods of black pepper, 2 cloves, 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder, 1/2 tsp of caraway seeds, grind all this, as well as brew in water properly, After 15 minutes (Apple and 1 orange

5. Har din Naya din – with a yummy new diet plan.

Diet plan for teens

6. We’re almost halfway through, enjoy this yummy diet for today.

Immunity Drink – One-inch ginger, 2 pods of black pepper, 2 cloves, 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder, 1/2 tsp of caraway seeds, grind all this, and brew in water properly, After 15 minutes (Apple and 1 orange`

7. We’ve reached the last day! We bet your teens are going to love the weekly diet plan. You can get more, as all our plans are customized as per your need.

Healthy Snacks For Teens By Fitelo

5 Nahi 15 minutes Ka Yummy Oats Maggi Recipe Banao!

A healthier version of maggie that contains natural oats ready to offer you and your teen several benefits.

Finger Lickin Good With KFC Popcorn Chicken

It’s juicy, it’s yummy, as well as filled with amazing flavors. It’s Fitelo’s most trending chicken recipe.

Oily Nahi, Yeh Hai Healthy Baked Samosa, Mummy!

A healthy and delicious baked samosa recipe that you and your teen can enjoy without guilt!

You’re My Rainbow Dumpling, Hello Honey Bunny!

A gluten-free recipe that is rich in protein, iron, and fiber. 

Healthy Milkshake For Teens

Har Season Mei Favorite: Mango Milkshake!

An ideal refreshing drink, which is a smooth as well as a frothy blend that takes only 5 minutes. 

An Apple Milkshake A Day Keeps Your Thirst Away!

Rich in fiber and antioxidants, and an incredible source of nutrients for your young adults.

Why Just In Biryanis When You Can Have Chilled Elaichi Milk?

This chilled elaichi milk recipe is easy to make and is full of goodness. An absolute favorite for teens.

Bhav Nahi, Healthy Banana Nut Shake Peeyo Beta!

A whole meal with the goodness of nuts, for all those mothers who are looking for an ideal weight gain for their child. 

Make Them A Complan Child: Diet Plan For Teens To Increase Height

One of the most desired qualities, especially among contemporary parents, is height. Moreover, a child’s personality and self-confidence are enhanced by a healthy height. Being taller not only improves your appearance but also your self-confidence in public venues.

The top 10 Indian diet plans for height growth meals to give your kid to help them grow taller are as follows:

Stories To Inspire You: Check Out Mayuri’s Transformation

Mayuri is a 12-year old and due to spontaneous unhealthy eating, snacking, and munching, she gained a lot of kilos. Her parents reached out to FITELO, concerned about their kid’s health, as well as joined the personalized diet plan India.

Bottom Line

The teenage years are a time of physiologic and physical change. Adopting a healthy diet plan for teenagers that promotes restrictive eating in order to lose weight quickly can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of teenagers. Teenagers require an adequate amount of calories that are rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin D. If you’re missing out on these diet plans, it’s time for you to give a call to Fitelo’s Top Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Can Be Included In The Diet Plan For Teens Tiffin?

Ans. You can include a wholesome wholewheat roti and sabzi, along with some fruits, and for snacks – homemade dhokla

Q. What Can You Add In The Tiffin For Teens Sports Day?

Ans. Low-fat muesli bars, sandwiches with bananas and peanut butter, dried fruit, etc.

Q. Which Foods Are Best for Teenagers?

Ans. The best foods are those that are nutritious, high in fiber, low in fat, and good sources of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and iron, as well as other nutrients that your children need.

Q. What Are Included In Low-Fat Diet Plan For Teens?

Ans. Lettuce, Spinach, Watermelon, Pancakes, as well as, Beans.

Q. Which Vitamins Should Be Included In The Diet Plan For Teens?

Ans. Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, Fluoride, etc.

Fun Fact

Use shudh ghee on the chapati instead of using oil for your healthy and energetic kids, it helps bring down the glycemic index of the chapati.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy as well as Enjoy a long happy life.

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