Get Toned Body Like Mahalakshmi With Our Best Diet Planner.

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FLAB TO FAB journey with Fitelo’s diet planner.

  • Toned Body
  • Maintain Normal BMI
  • Acid Reflux Improved
  • Bloating Reduced

Today’s transformation is something different and unique. It Is the success story of a young professional, Mahalakshmi, from Canada. She reached out to us with the desire to get a toned body. And Fitelo’s diet planner helped her in all the ways to accomplish that. Obviously, a question can hit you now that how it is different from others, as it is the story of every third person. But this is not only limited to weight and inch loss. It’s beyond that.

  • MAHALAKSHMI aimed to make meaningful changes in her life and attain a healthy lifestyle.

Considering all her desired and required changes, Fitelo’s diet planner started planning her diet accordingly.

How Fitelo’s Diet Planner Helped Her?

  • She was near her normal BMI range. So keeping in mind the fact that she doesn’t need to lose much, we worked accordingly.
  • Her hectic schedule and health issues were the challenges in the way, but we worked on her holistic health.
  • Cooking and rolling rotis were not Mahalakshmi’s cup of tea. Still, she was particular about her meals throughout the journey.
  • South Indian Mahalakshmi was a non veg and curry lover. So, keeping in mind all her likes, dislikes and managing concerns, our diet planner planned all the quick and easy-to-make meals for her.
  • We mostly planned rice instead of roti. Apart from this, she enjoyed weekly outings and eating outside with the customised diet plan

The Outcome

  • Through the diet plan, her skin and hair health also improved drastically.
  • Despite her health concerns- Acid Reflux, Bloating, she reached her desired target.
  • Not only did the customized diet plan worked, Mahalakshmi made it possible with home workouts.

Hence, through Mahalakshmi’s transformation story, it is proved that weight management is possible despite all the issues, hectic schedule, and outings. What matters is your determination and proper guidance.

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