Our Diet Program For Weight Loss Helped Tushica Transform Herself

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Mar 2022

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14 kg Gone In 80 Days!
Dropped From 4XL To XL

Today’s transformation story is of Tushica from Agra. She works at a private firm. She reached out to us when her weight increased to a huge extent and got stuck. So, we got her enrolled in the diet program for weight loss.

The Challenge

Tushica’s is a case of Genetic Obesity. On top of that, her journey had many hurdles. She was deficient in Vitamin D levels which makes it difficult to burn fat and lose weight. She was also having irregular menstrual cycles. And, all these nutrient deficiencies were due to her sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and long gaps between her meals.

Role Of Fitelo’s Diet Program For Weight Loss

Our dietitian planned filling meals and a variety of dishes for her. As she had stubborn weight, the dietitian planned detox drinks and meals that could help her curb the same. But Tushica was a social butterfly too and also loved eating out🍽️. So, we planned loads of cheat meals for her.

The Result

Tushica lost 14 kgs in a span of 80 days! Adding to that, she got rid of all the stubborn fat. Moreover, earlier, she used to avoid social gatherings and family functions as she would get conscious because of her increasing weight. But now she is confident enough and feels like the life of the party because of her contagious radiance.

So, way to go Tushica! There are many more health milestones to achieve!

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