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18 Kgs Gone In 90 Days! 🥳🤩 , Today’s transformation is of Naiya Khanna, a home-maker from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Naiya reached out to our dietitian when she observed her weight adding up at a rapid rate. 😰


Naiya was very clear with what she wanted- a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body. Naiya had no medical concerns as such, except high⬆️ cholesterol levels. Our dietitian left no stone unturned in making a suitable diet plan for her that would not only make her lose unhealthy weight, but at the same time improve her heart health.😇

She had a busy routine with a little girl and a 1.5-year-old toddler to take care of.⏳ So, the diet plan was manageable with easy to make and a variety of recipes.🌮🥘 A challenging part about her journey was that- At a point when she reached 70 kgs, Naiya’s weight got stuck!😦 So, the dietitian modified her diet, after which she went on losing a few kgs more, till she reached her BMI range.😀

Naiya dedicatedly followed the diet and ultimately lost 18 kgs in total in just 90 days!🤩 So, it was her focus and dietitian’s approach that lead to successful results!😎

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