Dip Diet Plan: Healthy Plate Meal To Fight Chronic Diseases

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
May 2023

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Dip Diet Plan

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In the era of a fast-paced and sedimentary lifestyle, it is crucial to take care of your health. Many people these days are troubled by diseases that arise due to a lack of a balanced diet, for example, obesity, diabetes, etc. However, to get rid of these medical conditions, people are using many types of medicines. So, here in this informative blog, we will discuss a dip diet plan for kidney-related medical issues.

There are plenty of causes that trigger kidney issues, but an unhealthy diet is a primary cause that gives birth to such life-threatening concerns. Since our kidneys play an important role in our overall well-being, one should always pay attention to all the earliest symptoms that indicate kidney problems.

So, if you want to cure yourself without any medicines, then read this informative blog and understand more about the diet plan you can follow to get rid of such diseases.

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What Is Dip Diet Plan?

A dip diet plan is all about including naturally occurring food items in your daily diet to yield maximum benefits. When we consume food in its natural form, it behaves in a disciplined manner in the human body. Due to the fact that these diet plans contain live enzymes while boosting the human body’s metabolism rate.

The dip diet plan is ideal for everyone, be it a healthy person or someone who is suffering from any chronic disease. In this case, you have to follow a pre-determined basic diet plan to ensure long-term health without any side effects. But you can modify this diet plan in different ways to achieve the desired goals.

Did you know following a dip diet plan chart can help you get rid of diseases that are incurable, such as trouble with the kidneys, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and many other

Along with curing chronic health concerns, this diet plan is a sure-shot way for those suffering from obesity and other weight issues to lose weight. You will be surprised to find out that a person can experience an average weight loss of 1.4kg within 72 hours of adopting the diet plan. This helps an individual achieve their fitness goals in a fixed timeline.

A Step-by-Step Guide On Dip Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Now that we know what a dip diet plan chart for weight loss is and why it is important to adopt it, it is time to reveal the step-by-step process of implementing it.

But always remember that it only works if followed appropriately, and you will be able to get remarkable results.

Please Note: Here we are sharing an example of a meal sample. It may vary from person to person. So, always consult your dietitian and physician before starting this diet plan. Also, you can contact Fitelo expert dietitians for any guidance. We provide a customized diet plan according to your requirements.


  • In this case, you only have to consume fruits until noon.
  • You can mix any 4–5 seasonal fruits that can satiate your hunger.
  • The minimum number of fruits should be equal to your body weight x 10 grams. For example, if the human body weight is 50kg, then one must consume at least 500 grams of fruit.

Lunch/ Dinner

  • While following the dip diet plan, consume your lunch or dinner on two plates. It may sound surprising at first, but it has certain logic that really makes sense.
  • Plate 1: You should include four types of vegetables, such as tomato, radish, cucumber, and carrot.

Note: Remember, you have to eat them in uncooked form. The minimum quantity for a plate should be (body weight x 5) grams.

  • Plate 2: It includes homely-cooked vegetarian meals with negligible oil and salt. Firstly, you need to consume Plate 1 and then turn to Plate 2 for maximum results.

Note: The guidelines for lunch and dinner are similar, one should complete his dinner before 7 p.m.

If you have adopted a dip diet plan for weight loss and are feeling hungry then you can consume fresh coconut water, dry fruits and nuts, sprouts, and Hunza tea.  

A Complete Guide To The Health Advantages Of The Dip Diet Plan

Are you still wondering whether you should opt for a dip diet plan or not? If not, then here we are sharing a few health advantages to following a dip diet. Let’s take a deep look to understand it better.

  • Weight loss: This diet plan has a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet, which can help you lose weight.
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity: Following this diet plan will emphasize whole foods and eliminate processed foods. This can improve insulin sensitivity and help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduce Inflammation: The dip diet plan includes anti inflammatory foods, for example, ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc. All these help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Improve Gut Health: The diet includes probiotic-rich foods, like yogurt, which can improve your gut health and digestion.
  • Boost Heart Health: In this diet, dietitians include healthy fats such as seeds, nuts, etc, that can promote heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Enhance Overall Health: The Dip Diet is overall based on balancing your diet and eating a healthy diet that can boost overall health and well-being.

Things To Avoid While Following Dip Diet Plan

Below, we have mentioned some food items that you should avoid while following the dip diet plan. Remember to follow these points at any cost otherwise, it puts all your efforts in vain and delivers no results.

  • Animal foods such as milk products
  • Multivitamin capsules and tonic
  • Refined and packed food
  • Avoid eating all types of dairy products.

Worst Food Options While Following The Diet Plan

Other than the three main meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The following are the options for snacks/ beverages:

  • Fruits can also be consumed as snacks.
  • Fresh coconut water and coconut cream.
  • Herbal tea (Ayurvedic tea)


The dip diet method is an absolutely herbal weight-reduction plan. In this kind of diet plan, the number of saturated fats and, highly spiced meals are truly negligible. This diet plan is totally suitable for people who are suffering from kidney issues, as mentioned above. It helps in the regeneration of nephrons in the kidney, thus allowing the human body to cure itself without any external support. Following this diet plan will help you increase your metabolic rate, which in turn helps treat the kidney’s ability to function.

Think no more! Adopt the dip diet plan and help your body stay healthy and fit.

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Frequently Questions Answer

What Is The Full Form Of Dip Diet Plan?

Dip stands for Disciplined & Intelligent People`s Diet.

Is This Diet Plan Safe?

Yes, it is safe but it is essential to note that any significant dietary changes should be made under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

What Is A Dip Diet Plan?

A diet plan is all about adding naturally occurring food items to your daily diet to yield maximum benefits.

What Are The Side Effects Of This Diet?

Side effects of dip are headache, nausea, abdominal pain, flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck, and trunk), dizziness, palpitations, edema (swelling), muscle cramps, visual disturbance, shortness of breath, change in bowel habits, and weakness.

What Is The 3-day Diet Plan?

The military diet requires people to follow a low-calorie diet for 3 days and then return to regular eating for 4 days. Across the first 3 days, the diet restricts daily calorie intake to 1,400, 1,200, and 1,100 calories. The diet is high in protein and low in fat, carbohydrate, and calories.

What Fruits Can You Have At On A Dip Diet?

Till 12 noon, have only fruits of 3 to 4 types including mango, banana, grapes, etc. For example, a 70kg person should consume at least 700gms of 4 types of fruits before 12

Is Curd Allowed In Dip Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

No Dairy products (e.g., milk, curd, etc.) not allowed in the dip diet.

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We understand it is a bit tricky which diet plan will work for you and which will not, it can be complicated and confusing, hence you need to consult a professional. So, contact us today if you are looking for a customized diet plan or any diet plans, and we will help you fulfill your new year’s resolution.


This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your health before starting a restrictive diet. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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