Distance doesn’t matter when are willing enough to do it.


Written by Sahil

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Varsha, from Sydney, Australia reached out to us a year back. She wanted to lose weight, she had a really busy schedule – studying, working part-time and managing home at the same time, the same struggle one faces when they move to a new country and try to settle down in the new culture. She wanted easy to cook meals and did not have a lot for the gym or workout.

We worked with her, created a customized diet plan for her that suited her routine and lifestyle. It was heer determination and willingness to put in the extra effort, she lost 9 kgs in less than 50 days of joining us.

Although she achieved her target in the first 50 days.

She continued working with her and she was able to reduce 3.5 kgs to reach her ideal body weight.

She still continues to be us and is maintaining the weight at the same time, having cheat days here and there.

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