Diwali Recipes: 10 Easy Ways To Make Sweets And Snacks

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Oct 2022

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Since the festival of lights “Diwali” is about to knock on our doors! That means it’s time for lots of food, card parties, home decor, and most importantly devouring all kinds of mithai. We usually get worried about weight gain during Deepawali. So to avoid that, here are “Diwali Recipes”, a healthy version of Indian sweets and snacks that you can easily make at home and enjoy with your friends and family without any weight gain.

However, more than the extra kilos, Diwali can be hard for Diabetic people as they need to keep control of their sugar intake and also take care of their blood sugar level in between all the mithais and snacks. But this time, diabetic people will get to enjoy the festival of sweets just like other people. Want to know how?

Let us show you how to do it, without further ado let’s get started :

Diwali Recipes: Top 5 Indian Sweets

Here is our favorite and healthy version of these desi Indian sweets that you can try out this Diwali and make the festival more homely and joyful.

1. Rasgulla

On top of our Diwali recipes is this traditional Bengali sweet that has become everyone’s favorite. Rasgulla also known as rosogola is a round shape sponge mithai made from curdling milk. Moreover, it’s soft and sweet which makes it an absolute must-have for Diwali sweet. Here is how you can make it in a healthy way.

This rasgulla recipe contains only 54 kcal of calories.

Rasgulla Benefits:

  • This rasgulla recipe does not contain any sugar hence it is perfect for weight loss.
  • Rasgulla is made out of milk, which is good for bone and teeth health.

2. Besan Ke Laddu

This low-calorie sugar-free besan laddu is not just healthy but scrumptious in taste. These are even a perfect last-minute option for prasad during Diwali pooja and of the easiest Diwali recipes to make.

This besan laddu has 235 kcal per serving which is less as compared to packed laddus.

Besan Laddu Benefits:

  • Besan contains soluble fiber, which keeps your heart healthy. 
  • However, the fiber content in besan flour keeps cholesterol levels under control and also the body satiated for a longer time.

3. Kaju Katli 

Call it a Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, wedding, or any occasion of happiness, Kaju katli is the first preference of all. So this festive season here is a healthier way of making the most favorite Indian sweet. Here is how you can make it.

This Kaju katli has just 66 kcal of calories per serving.

Kaju Katli Benefits:

  • Cashews benefit bones, brain, and immunity health as they are rich in copper, magnesium, and manganese.
  • Also, cashews being low in carbohydrates keeps the blood sugar in control and is good for type 2 diabetes.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa

No Indian wedding or occasion is complete without a plate of “gajar ka halwa”. It’s an absolute favorite of every Indian. From weddings to Diwali celebrations this Indian sweet is a part of every big little joy. So here is a healthier version of this wholesome dish that you need to make this Diwali without compromising on your diet.

This gajar ka halwa is sugar-free and low on calories.

Gajar Ka Halwa Benefits:

  • Vitamin C is abundantly present in carrots, therefore having this weight loss gajar ka halwa will help build immunity.
  • Carrot vegetable is well known for relieving constipation as it is rich in insoluble fiber. It also improves bowel movement.

5. Malpua

Malpua recipe has a pancake-like delicacy that is prepared during many other festivals in Indian homes. Easy and quick, the malpua recipe has simple ingredients, full of flavor, and is perfect for serving guests and relatives during Diwali.

Each serving of this Malpua recipe has 116 kcal of calories.

Malpua Benefits:

  • This malpua recipe is baked and not fried, therefore it has very few calories, so you can have it during weight loss as well as it’s one of the best Diwali recipes to try.
  • This recipe also contains natural sweetener stevia or date syrup which is a healthier substitute for normal sugar.

Diwali Recipes: Top 5 Snacks To Binge On

Now that we have mentioned sweets, next on our Diwali recipes list are savory items, it’s time to replace your taste buds with some tanginess. Here are our best five picks for you:

6. Oats Namkeen

You must have tried so many oats recipes for breakfast, or oats dessert but have u ever tried oats namkeen? It’s a healthy and delicious way to make space for oats in your life in case you don’t have a sweet tooth give this a shot. Watch this video for the entire recipe.

A perfect healthy binge this oats namkeen is high in protein and fiber.

oats namkeen

Oats Namkeen Benefits:

  • Oats are rich in carbs, and fiber but also higher in protein and fat. They are also high in many vitamins and minerals.
  • Also, almonds are high in vitamin E and antioxidants which are very good for brain functioning, skin, and hair health.

7. Mushroom Tikka

The mushroom tikka recipe is a delicious, filling, and healthy snack to welcome everyone this Diwali. Pair them with mint-coriander chutney and experience a boost of flavor this festive season. Here Is how you can do it:

Mushroom for fat loss is always a great option. This makes mushroom tikka an ideal weight-loss snack.

Mushroom Tikka Benefits:

  • Mushrooms are a rich source of potassium. Potassium is widely known to remove the water weight that is retained in the body.
  • Also, Mushrooms are a rich source of potassium. Potassium is widely known to remove the water weight that is retained in the body.

8. Namkeen Mathri

Diwali recipes are incomplete without mentioning mathri! A perfect savory snack to go with chai and Diwali charcha. Moreover, you can serve it as an evening snack for kids and guests this Diwali. You can prepare this mathri in bulk and can store it in an airtight container at room temperature and enjoy it for the next few weeks. So, let’s learn how to prepare this mathris at home.

Namkeen Mathri Benefits:

  • Namkeen mathri has counted calories which can be taken accordingly while feeling low in energy.
  • You can also have this as a healthy snack to binge because it has low-calorie content.

9. Palak Chaat

Don’t have a sweet tooth or miss some savory because of too much mithai, here is something chat-patta that will surely be on the Diwali food list. A healthy yet delicious taste makes this chat a flavorsome Diwali snack option.

Palak Chaat Benefits:

  • Palak helps strengthen the immune system and boost hydration in the body.
  • Also, spinach or palak helps curb the appetite aiding in weight loss.

10. Baked Samosa 

Out of all the Diwali recipes, we bet this one is everyone’s favorite, however, Samosa is one of the most well-known and popular Indian snacks even during Diwali. That is why most of us crave it. Therefore, this Diwali how can we avoid our most beloved flaky pastry filled with spicy stuffing? So, without further delay, let’s learn about how to make a baked samosa.

Samosa Benefits:

  • In the case of fried samosa, all oil gets absorbed and adds fat and calories. Therefore, baked samosa is a much healthier option. Make sure you dip it in homemade mint chutney for even better health benefits and flavor.
  • Moreover, adding vegetables like peas, potatoes, etc. to your diet through samosa will add even more benefits to your body, such as Vitamin A for your eyes and more fiber to improve your digestive system. 
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What Are The Best Diabetes-Friendly Diwali Recipes?

There are many other healthy and sugar-free Diwali recipes such as lauki ki barfi, til ke laddu or besan ka halwa, and many more. You can visit the page recipes by fitelo on our website.

When is Diwali 2022?

Choti Diwali is on 23rd October 2022 and Badi Diwali is on 24th October.

What are the vegan Diwali recipes?

Besan laddu, oats namkeen, lauki ki barfi, and coconut barfi are a few of the Diwali recipes available for vegans.

What are the best homemade sugar-free Diwali recipes?

There are several sugar-free Diwali recipes to fry this festive season such as Suji ka halwa, dry fruit laddu, chocolate balls, and many others shared by Fitelo.

Fun Fact

So, Diwali is here and the festive season is all around us. However, among the many gifting options available in the market, the most common ones are sadly the most unhealthy ones. We shortlisted a few most gifted items. They are the most consumed items in almost every household. Have a look!

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All recipes from Fitelo’s kitchen are devised to suit specific needs. And what may suit one condition may not be applicable to the other. Hence always consult your nutritionist or dietitian before adding any of these recipes to your diet.

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