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Do Potatoes make you fat

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Just like many other notions, this one is also flawed. Because POTATOES DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Yes, you heard that right!

If we follow the mob mentality, it is evident that potatoes and weight loss do not go hand-in-hand. Potato is widely misconstrued as the vegetable that makes you gain weight. A carbohydrate-laden food that does nothing good apart from increasing your calories. It is due to this notion that people do not give potatoes their due respect.

So let’s first talk numbers.

100 gm Potatoes have just 97 calories while our favourite pack of Potato chips has 500 plus calories. While we’re still on numbers, let’s speak about fat. 100 g of potatoes contain 0.1g of fat, which is more than in broccoli and corn.

Potatoes do not make you fat

Another reason why potatoes won’t make you fat and will instead help you lose weight is because of their potassium content. Now let’s see how that works.

We all resonate with the concept of sodium causing water retention and bloating in the body. Now let’s tell you how potatoes help you with that. Potassium negates the activity of sodium, which means that potassium reduces water retention in your body, thereby, helping you lose weight.

Health Benefits | Do they really make you fat ?

There are quite a lot of advantages to eating potatoes. They contain both macro and micronutrients of utmost importance.

1. A Great Source Of Vitamin (C)

Did you know potatoes fulfil 50% of Vitamin C requirement:

So if you find oranges giving you a sore throat, wave goodbye to them and consume a potato instead.

2. A Great Source Of Potassium

Potatoes do make you fat

Another fun fact about potatoes is that they have more potassium than a banana. Yes! Most people are deficient in potassium nowadays. Also, if you are a vegetarian and on diet for a long time, potatoes can help you a great deal.

3. A Good Source Of Vitamin (B), Fiber, Magnesium And Antioxidants

Potatoes do make you fat

B-complex vitamins take you a long way in your wellness journey.
Moreover, the fiber present in potatoes makes you feel full for a longer period of time. So if you catch yourself nibbling in between meals, potato is there for your rescue.

But What About Starch?

Potatoes are indeed full of starch, you are right. But do you know what kind of starch that is? Is it even harmful?

Well, potatoes are full of resistant starch which acts like fiber and helps in the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

Does That Mean You Can Eat As Many Potatoes As You Want?

The way people eat potatoes has resulted in potatoes getting a bad-guy image. You will gain weight by eating potatoes only in cases when you:

Do Potatoes make you fat
  • Deep-fry potatoes
  • Stuff them with cheese.
  • Eat them in the form of chips,
  • Mash them with loads of butter and cream.
  • Smother them with ketchup and other condiments

This way, you end up adding significant amounts of saturated fat and sugar to your meal. All the extra fat will naturally make you gain weight.

For more information watch our full video.

Potatoes and Diabetes

Starchy foods, like potatoes, are recommended as part of a healthy diet by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Diabetics can definitely consume potatoes by restricting the portion size and eating it in boiled or steamed form.


Excess of everything is bad. While potatoes offer a wide range of benefits, you can’t overlook this fact.
Don’t worry. You will not become a potato by eating a potato. Have it with some Indian curry or make Aloo chat minus the sauces. You can even have your favourite aloo parantha with a restricted amount of oil. This way, you can enjoy your favourite potatoes without worrying about weight gain.

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Although it’s still not recommended for most diabetic patients. So, please take proper guidance from a certified nutritionist.

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